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  1. I think a good head to head would be Quest Q30 va Simplex.

    Does anybody, have a Q30 and Simplex? Would be great to see these as they are in the same price range, very close frequency, waterproof, wireless headphones and can be updated.
  2. Quest Q20 & Q30

    Hi, Has anybody used or tested the the Quest Q20 or Q30? Seems like they carry quite a package for the price. Even looks to be better than the simplex. Hope to get some info. Cheers
  3. How does it handle mid to high mineral ground?

    Hi, How does the Racer 2 handle mineral ground? Cheers
  4. Info of the Quest 30+ & Pro (Q60).

    Hi, Do you guys know if these struggle in mid to high mineralization ground? I am intrested in the Q30+ and the Qpro (Q60). Cheers Adrian
  5. New Minelab detector coming soon! Gold Monster 1000

    Fort Bedfort, are you gong to be taking pre-orders? I heard that is replacing the eureka gold, so is it going to have three frequency? O something like that? Do you know or have more specs? Is the x-terra going to continue?
  6. 🙋 WANTED Minelab X-Terra 30

    Wanted Minelab X-Terra 30, in good condition. Would pay through PayPal, shipped to Texas.
  7. ❎ SOLD Makro Racer 2 Pro Package / Used / 20-Months Warranty left

    It was not going to be international. I will be at las vegas
  8. New guy in town

    Thank you all for a great welcome! Hope to help out. But right now very little experience.
  9. New guy in town

    Hi all, Getting into metal detection. Have been around mining since I was born hmmmm wow long time. So now getting into metal detecting. Intrested in beach, prospecting and looking for relics as some may know Mexico has long history and lots of hidden silver and gold. Cheers
  10. Golden sense

    Hi, does anyone have a golden sense? Would be very intrested to hear what you guys think of it?