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  1. New Mexico

    Welcome to TNet from Roswell! Jason
  2. Civil War Buckle

    I was told that people used to sew coins into their clothes not to lose them. They very well could have been used for decoration. All I have done so far is some soap and water on the buckle, any suggestions?
  3. Civil War Buckle

    Went detecting in Kimble County, TX a few days ago....itturned out to be a great day! The site was supposedly used as a beef processing lot during the civil war. A family member found an 1853 dime last year with two holes in it. I've detected the area before but this time expanded my search...
  4. Old stone building - almost gone.

    I know this place, very cool! Great pictures!
  5. Search Partner - Seven Cabins , New Mexico

    Sounds awesome, I'd love to go!
  6. Topaz Arrowhead?

    I realize it would probably not have been a functional point but more than likely a pendant or some type of trade item. Some of the points and tools from this site are amazing.
  7. Topaz Arrowhead?

    Hello all, I was visiting my wife's family in Kimble County, Texas the past few days. There is a camp site where some nice points, tools, pottery pieces, and a lot of evidence of knapping and fire are plentiful. This "arrowhead" was dug from the same site and would like to get some 'expert'...
  8. Cold day at an old Cavalry site yields an old piece of GOLD!!!!

    Beautiful coin! Congratulations! Banner.
  9. 1st street tearout

    Very nice!
  10. Multible BIG SILVER find (9) Half Dollars

    That's an awesome hunt! Congrats!
  11. 1853 Large Cent - A first

    Still waiting to find my first one! Nice coin!
  12. 1776 1/2 Reale -- 26th silver coin found

    Awesome find! I bet you were gives me hope to find some older stuff out here in the NM desert.
  13. Santa Fe Route Duplicate Baggage Tag

    Victor, CO...I miss going up there when I used to live in CoSprings. It's such a beautiful place with a lot of history!
  14. Santa Fe Route Duplicate Baggage Tag

    Thank you all for comments and information, I was definitely thrilled to find this was kind of a slow day for detecting where I was and then this popped out.
  15. Beautiful 1798 large cent

    Gorgeous coin, congrats!
  16. Beautiful day down river

    I miss living in Colorado, beautiful picture! There are some great things to see and do in and around Canon City.
  17. Seated Silver, Chinese Cash Coin And Much More!

    That's awesome! Good job!
  18. Tough Day for us!

    Still a very nice haul :)
  19. Santa Fe Route Duplicate Baggage Tag

    I appreciate all the comments! The top of the tag is the tag maker C.H. Hanson Chicago. Tag 16732