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  1. What is this?

    Almost seems like a weird lead finial to me but I'm sure I'm wrong.
  2. What is this?

    1800s home site that is now an empty lot, sits next to a laundry mat nowadays. Its made from a soft metal possibly pewter from the looks of it. If it was straightened it would be about 7" long, as it sits the hoop part is only 1.5" wide
  3. What is this?

    I know I've seen these before but for the life of me cannot place it, so what is it guys and girls?
  4. Newbie from Ohio. Metal Detector advice.

    The at pro is an amazing machine, there's a ton of people who hunt with nothing else.
  5. ♻️ TRADE Im just about out of used machines - trade in yours toward a new one!

    I have a Whites XLT E-series and a Whites Beach Hunter ID. 1 rechargeable battery pack and charger also 1 AA battery pack. I am looking to trade for an AT Pro with an extra coil or some other goodies.
  6. Just got a killer deal on an XLT and Beach Hunter, but not sure if they work right...

    So I'm pretty electronics savvy so I pulled the board out of the box and brushed it front and back with a large nylon brush. Seemed to help slightly the next day I decided to pull the screen apart and did the same to the board. I have gotten about 2 hours out of it now without one single problem
  7. Strange Head Stamp. What is it?

    Maybe this explains we are all right lmao Civil War Rimfire Shell Match Holder Safe Dug VA RARE | eBay
  8. Shady seeders

    That's a nice pocket spill
  9. Shady seeders

    Years ago I had almost 50 pennies in a 7ft square behind a pavillion
  10. Strange Head Stamp. What is it?

    I do know it was fairly common that people would carve stuff into their bullets, not sure about the casings though, its a neat one though. I hope we get an answer on this one
  11. Strange Head Stamp. What is it?

    Maybe im just lost, but no primer on that "casing" maybe not a shell casing at all? maybe a small cap to an old lipstick tube?
  12. 1893 Indian Head

    Thats worth every second of a 10 minute recovery. I spent about an hour digging down about 2.5 feet with a hand trowel the otherday to find the front end of a car, was hoping for that elusive jar of coins...maybe its in the backseat of the car, but im not digging another 7 feet to find out lmao
  13. Mean Pony

    If all I had was nasty water I might get mean too. lmao
  14. Shady seeders

    I have ran into the same problem, sometimes its kids bored and pitching pennies. Sometimes someone doesn't want you to find the good stuff so they crap all over the area for you to throw you off your game. And other times your buddy knew where you were going and planted just to screw with you.
  15. Dodging storms this weekend.

    Very nice points! Its been pouring rain here so I wasn't able to detect all weekend. Ive never found a point for myself on the ground, hoping this spot I was told I can hunt this summer will produce some. Not sure about the farmers and corn, I was reading that a lot of them got completely...
  16. Just got a killer deal on an XLT and Beach Hunter, but not sure if they work right...

    So I am not sure if its because I am just too used to my Garrett ace 350 or if these detectors are acting wonky on me. The XLT works great but seemingly at random It will just start falsing like crazy and sometimes it goes away on its own in a minute or two and other times a battery pull doesn't...
  17. 1920 House and a shootout??

    if you are in fort wayne area you should join the local club. Im on the north side of fort wayne and hunt shoaff park quite often. Hit me up if you want to join some time.
  18. Best hunt yet! And first 1800s silver

    its some sort of zodiac charm, has gemini <the twins> on one side and cancer <the lady and crab> on the other