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  1. Need real, Real help.. found my 4th Spanish silver this year.

    I thought when you needed help, you just needed someone to take them off your hands, thought I could help, hehe. Sorry, have not found a reale myself, even though they are found around here. Nice finds,fun to see. Congrats.
  2. The ''Hunted Out'' Roman Field - Day 5 - Bronze Age, Roman, Medieval, Modern...

    Congrats Cru, as always, what a sweet haul. Always interesting and a history lesson for us across the pond. I would love to invite you to switch hunts, you come here and hunt with me, and Ill go there, BUT, there is no way it would be a fair trade! Lol Nice going and HH.
  3. YES..first gold of the year.

    Nice, nice save. HH
  4. I dug my first GW INAUGURAL BUTTON!

    Wow! The GW is sweeet. But you found some other nice artifacts as well. Still, I know you flipped when you knew what you had, nice save. HH
  5. 1796 Liberty Cap surface find....

    My gosh that coin cleaned up great Scrappy.. I have not used electrolysis on anything yet, after seeing your results, I will have to give it a try. Nice work, nice save. HH

    Thanks Inspector. Good to get your input again. Thanks Rich. You know, when I find something I really like, I don't catalogue it and put it away right off. I hold it a lot. I look at the details, and rub my fingers across the dust and metal to get a feel for its history. So, I agree with you...
  7. New Site Gives Up Civil War Goodies and an AWESOME Bucket Lister!!

    What a great hunt. I wish I had some CW sites around here, love the artifacts you can find, and that you found. I still have not found a seated coin, so that one really caught my eye. Sweet find. Congrats, and the rain just ups your Detectors sensitivity. Thanks for a Nice post. HH
  8. US Cavalry bridle rosette

    Rosette is not too toasty, its a great find anyone would be tickled with, good recovery. HH
  9. First Spanish Silver and King George Copper of the year + more!

    Really nice finds. Very satisfying. After my years since returning to MDing in 2010, I STILL haven't found Spanish silver or anyone elses silver for that matter. I know there are reales around here, because I've seen some finds, but not for me. So Congrats! They both look great. Personally, I...
  10. Beware Tick Time

    They're Heeeerrrre! Got one in R.I.

    Thanks guys; I had a good day.. and TNet has always been a GREAT resource for information. When all else fails, this place usually has someone who has seen what you have found before. Still, knowing that, I was amazed at how fast I got a positive ID on that coin. Even with as few details as it...
  12. One bucket list copper for me at a colonial site

    Oh Man! The Nova is gorgeous.. your other finds would have been enough for a nice days dig but that Nova looks in excellent condition. Nice, Nice find. Jealous are we, yesssss.. Thanks for posting & HH, you have the spot!
  13. Mugsy Finds a deep coin spill for me!!!!!!! Boom Baby!!!!!!

    I think the Barber coins are some of the most beautiful coins of the last century. Nice finds. HH
  14. Lots of clad and pegs from the Boy Scout Camp

    Really nice scouting artifacts, I am so surprised and a little dissapointed I haven't found a slide yet! I have a silver scout ring, but that's it. Very choice finds. Congrats & HH

    Thanks for looking and the kind words Prof! . CW seems to be winning the date guestimation. I don't find many CW artifacts on the Maryland penninsula, so I appreciate you all who know. It was face down in the wet dirt, but as soon as I saw the curve I was pretty sure what it was. Adrenaline...
  16. Weekend finds Draped bust Shoulder scales dandy button and more

    There are a few good ways to safely clean your coins, the draped is a very nice find, the picture is not very clear, but I can still tell it has a lot of detail, it should clesnup pretty sweet. Nice artifacts too. Congrats! & HH
  17. Spring dig...

    Shoot! you did great for frozen or not. I especially like the artifacts you pulled out. Now, for the tease, I was just up in Rhode Island, not as cold as where you are, but returned to Maryland today, over 70 F. HH!
  18. I Burglarlzed 2 of my hunted out spots with My EQ 800

    Nice finds! What were you using before, the AT Max? Always fun to find the deeper objects, frustrating to think you went over them before, LOL.. On a slow day, I always think the good stuff has just sunk beyond the reach of my detector. hehe. Like the little ring too. Well done. HH
  19. Ever just decide on the quiet path?

    Don't cha love it, when you go, purely expecting one thing, then you get your brain snapped around? Really nice to find in clad land. Love the surprises, and gold is never bad either. Congrats. HH