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  1. Iron mystery

  2. Just some odds and ends

    Great Finds
  3. Gold ring with 70 diamonds

    Holy smokes what a find well done!!!!
  4. Local soccer field finds :)

    there both 925 is the only markings. the blue stone is a cat's eye and the other looks like a pale amethyst.
  5. Local soccer field finds :)

    Went out to a local Soccer field found 2 rings a soccer token and a 1.00 in clad great times Happy Hunting
  6. Oldest Coin Ive found. fun Weekend

    Thanks see you at the meeting
  7. First Barber!

  8. Old timer

  9. Oldest Coin Ive found. fun Weekend

    Hi All, got permission to hunt a older house. found my oldest coin a 1897 V-nickle and I found a Pocket knife my Dad found a 1916 Wheety. Fun Times :o)
  10. Found a ring