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  1. Found this symbol carved on tree

    I found this symbol in a public park

    This is the the its looking at This is the tree the eye is looking at

    Does this tree look like an eyeball looking at something (KGC symbols are sometimes eyes) Directly in front of the suspected eye is a huge triple oak tree. With the letters "EG" carved in it. I need a partner with a metal detector. I got only a pin pointer I'm located 2 miles from the...
  4. Please help me identify these rocks I

    Each picture is of a different Rock specimen I found in my backyard in an ancient Creek bed.
  5. What are these crystals?

    What are these?
  6. Hunting in ancient Creek

    What are these?
  7. Suspected treasure chest?? Should i check inside?

    Hey it's me again. I got picture. Do you guys see it too? It's taken so long bc I work and only have the weekends and so much fun watching whatever is buried unearth it self. But I want opinions and comments. What do you guys think is buried here?
  8. Suspected treasure chest?? Should i check inside?

    Final Day of digging will be today! [B]yesterday before dark i went and dug some more and pulled out the metal. I forgot my cell so no pictures from the site. But i i brought what i dug up to the house. I did sum civil war research on google and search keywords CIVIL WAR, METAL CHESTS. AND BYI...
  9. Suspected treasure chest?? Should i check inside?

    IM Sooooo sorry for keeping you guys in suspense! It wont take me this long EVER again. I work monday-Friday not weekends, so i had the weekend to continue digging. I got past the digging up pulling on the metal to see what is inside but, when i bent the part back to see inside and it was a...
  10. Suspected treasure chest?? Should i check inside?

    along the stream in my backyard, where i take my walk everyday there are plenty of fallen trees that lay right across the stream, the banks are so high that i jump down and walk right under the fallen tree. I noticed a huge metal structure that is right under where the tree has fallen. It...
  11. Kimberlite pipe in georgia

    #1 is a rock i broke into and i suspect it to be a kimberlite rock #3 is a stone that tested positive to be diamond when i used my new diamond detector.Im not certain its kimberlite. Ive dedicated a daily walk through to my schedule sence December 2016. In the time that has elapsed ive witnessed...
  12. Kimberlite pipe in georgia

    Ive been prospecting for diamonds and boy have i been lucky. On my property.