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  1. Fishing sinker?

    curtain weight
  2. Gun part ??

    actually it's so worn, I bet it is something a hand touched alot. maybe its a cane handle. or umbrella handle end.
  3. Gun part ??

    I think it is an Elephant head coat hook. The "hole" is where I bet decorative tusks were mounted. the smaller hole looks like an eye hole. Some similar but older than these. Or maybe a curtain rod end.
  4. What is it

    looks like light switch, missing the switch throw.
  5. I know its a whistle, but????

    Re: I know it's a whistle, but???? Ya'll ain't never seen a cricket caller? We use 'em all the time on the river bank. You keep givin' it a toot every lil' bit and the crickets will sort of follow the noise. Makes it easier to find 'em. That way you have fish bait all day and night that you...
  6. I need help on this one

    lead? makes me think it is a curtain weight sewn into the bottom edge to pull the curtain taught.
  7. My crank needs ID

    are you sure that's a "zoo"? it looks more like a decorative design...
  8. just curious on this thingy

    Garment hanger is exactly what it is... Patent Number 1,049,867
  9. Rev. War Era? Some kinda crazy wrench?

    i half thought the wrench was a set of shears but i will go with the wrench idea...looks good
  10. Winter Relic Hunt - Large Hunka Silver - what fun!

    Re: Winter Relic Hunt - what fun! Gene Autry was a famous country singer from days gone by...
  11. Keen Kutter Santa Fe Lock

    looks real to me...
  12. pocket gun or miner pistol ????

    the key to this is going to be to figure out what the metal tab sticking out is. I cant find any early gun with that gap or tab in it.
  13. ANY HELP ?

    Re: some type of tool? and its two different colors cuz after its erection was delayed by the civil war, they had to get "white" marble from a different location, first Maryland and then Massachusetts...
  14. Strange thing this.

    Here's my guess... The end nearest the round neck seems to taper outward, perhaps this is for mechanical advantage...the end is circular, and I think we are focusing on the cavity containing something of think it is... A cigar punch? maybe? or something used to punch a single...
  15. Very strange looking vintage metal decorative??? What is it?

    I like to fancy myself handy around mechanical stuff, but I am certain, there are things that operate solely on the premise of black magic, and sewing machines are one of those things. I can operate, and even setup a sewing machine. I understand where the parts are, and what their jobs are, but...

    Hey PBR ain't that bad...after all, it did win a blue ribbon! ....not sure who from.....but it won something
  17. Looking for rare depresssion coppers and 75 years of Vegimite yum yum

    Savory, huh? I don't know if it'd go that far...... It's....okay.....and smells lightly of animal medicine
  18. KU KLUX KLAN token!!

    Odd as it may sound, thought I'd share my favorite KKK story.... hee hee
  19. pocket gun or miner pistol ????

    can we get a shot of the other side and maybe the top?
  20. pocket gun or miner pistol ????

    the hammer seems to line up like a rim fire. doesn't look like a revolver. Almost looks like the item on the side would hold the bullet in place by spring a reverse extractor. .17HMR is smaller, but obviously not available when this gun was made, I imagine that's what you meant...