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  1. Eastern PA/Lehigh Valley/Poconos or anywhere drivable

    i'm just north of stroudsburg if interested i know a few spots up this way

    Can no longer find treasure net Iphone app did it go away?:icon_scratch:
  3. 🙋 WANTED Need underwater,Beach and Shallow Water MD

    Have a Whites beach hunter for sale if interested contact me
  4. Does everybody tent camp?

    are they fat??
  5. Where’s all the Pennsylvania metal detector folks

    Im out detecting in Monroe county
  6. looking for a club near lackawanna county

    I’m in Monroe county. But open to traveling I run a whites V3i. So can’t help you with a Garrett But have been metal detecting for years
  7. Good day at old scout camp

    This site paid for my detector Lots of silver and rings by water
  8. Good day at old scout camp

    Found gun shells Pull tabs Half dollar and a token Half is a 1977 Token still unknown has 17?? Date
  9. Hello from PA

    Hello from Stroudsburg area
  10. Gemstones in PA

    Welcome from Monroe county
  11. LOWER HUDSON VALLEY/NYC Hunters! Two Shovels/Hand Diggers For Sale Pick up Only!

    why is this not posted in forsale area would think more users would see it
  12. Anyone want to hunt in NEPA?

    Always looking for hunting partners
  13. Greetings From Pennsylvania!

    Welcome from Monroe Co. NE PA
  14. New Gold Detector

    Working fine