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  1. Two hours in the woods

    As this is my first spring in VA, do you recommend snake boots or gaiters when out hunting the woods? I haven't seen any on my property yet but I know there are plenty out there.
  2. 1,000 coin, 17th century coin cache found in Poland

    I knew a glass guy who replaced car windows and windshields for a living. When he tied one on he would put a bat to his own windshield so he wouldn't make the poor decision of driving somewhere after having too many. Then pop one on the next day morning going back to work haha.
  3. New Member

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Intro

  5. Junior g-man badge

    very cool find!
  6. Golden Bracelet

    That bracelet is gorgeous!
  7. New from NC!

    Welcome! Wake county NC has a metal detecting club. They have monthly get togethers. I have never been but I believe there are some experienced folks that meet there. Look up wcmd club and you can find info online. I believe they have a website as well. Best of luck!
  8. Newbie

    From one newbie to another: welcome!
  9. Clay hand carved poker chip?

    make sure to put that chip away before you go "all in" at your next poker game!
  10. New and excited to learn

    Thank you neighbor! I hope you have left some goodies around for us newcomers.
  11. New and excited to learn

    I'm sure I will have a lot of the same. But my favorite phrase I have learned from this forum is "dig everything" and that's what I plan to do!
  12. New and excited to learn

    Thank you! And yes that is the plan. Keep it at home as I learn and gather experience. But I have a few nice neighbors will large lots adjacent to mine. Maybe in the years to come I can get their permission to explore. But for now I have more than enough of an area to fill as much free time as I...
  13. New and excited to learn

    I saw that area of the forum yesterday but haven't had a chance to dive in yet. So many threads on this forum, so much reading and researching to do! Thank you!
  14. New and excited to learn

    Absolutely! I am just as interested in finding the neat and interesting as I am in the "valuable." To each his/her own, but I would prefer a display case of conversation starters to some extra cash. But hey, why not day dream about discovering both? Cheers!
  15. New and excited to learn

    Thank you for all of the advice! I am adding items to my "to buy" list as we speak! Any recommendations or places where I can read up on on the optimal metal detector for my area and (total newbie) skill level? I've been pouring through threads and it seems like other folks in VA have a lot of...
  16. New and excited to learn

    Greetings to all. Just found this forum while researching metal detectors. Bought a property in central VA recently with 50 wooded acres. Looks like there were some old Civil War battle fields in the area. I love old coins and war relics. Have dreamed of finding "hidden treasure" since...