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  1. CASTING: New TV Series Seeks Fearless Treasure Hunters

    I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take too much to get me to act like an idiot on national TV. At the salaries many of those folks are making, in fact, I'd probably be just fine doing it. LOL
  2. Silver, BIG gold, Little gold with ice, then more BIG gold! What a start!

    deleted. Tired of the conversation. I probably won't be posting more finds. For folks who come to T-Net to rag on others. Hope you enjoy yourselves.
  3. 💵 FOR SALE Minelab Pro-Find 25 - Custom Tip Protectors - Set of three - $8 - Shipping included.

    Hey all... The Minelab Pro-Find 25 tip protectors are a confirmed GO. :) Same deal as with the Garrett Pro Pointer and Whites TRX tip Protectors. If you'd like a set of 3, they're $8, shipped with tracking. Just Private Message (PM) me your e-mail address with the tip protector type you need...
  4. CASTING: New TV Series Seeks Fearless Treasure Hunters

    Inca treasure isn't my thing, otherwise I'd be a shoe-in. Good luck!
  5. My latest crazy "attempted" buyer story...

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  6. POLL: What brand is your primary pinpointer?

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  7. Well... this is a new one for me... Someone asked me to find their MONEY.

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  8. Hunting Israel Beaches - First week Finds, and future advice for folks looking...

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  9. FINALLY... The weather turns!

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  10. 💵 FOR SALE PinPointer Tip Protectors-Set of 3 for $8. PM me. (Garrett or Whites TRX!)

    I had these made because I couldn't find a quality tip protector that stood up to heavy use. I tested them on a Garrett Pro Pointer for 4 months, before offering them here and on EBay. I've since completed the testing (same material, but needed to find the right sizing) for the Whites TRX...
  11. One Day Left: $5 deal on TRX Tip protectors set of three - Shipped.

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  12. Yipee! My Whites TRX Tip Protectors are in the manufacturing stage! PM me.

    I had a number of folks inquire about White's TRX tip Protectors, after I had the Garrett Tip Protectors made: ( ) So... I went back to the drawing board to try to...
  13. Coin Purse in the Snow.

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  14. Finally! 40 degrees! Still had to hunt through 8" of snow, though.

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  15. Protect your PinPointer Tip to prevent FLEX. It's not about cosmetic damage.

    After doing some more extensive research on what potentially causes failures in the Garrett Pro Pointer series, I've found that FLEX is a big part of it. Pin pointers are not meant to "bend." Many of us use pressure when we're pin pointing, pressing it down on the ground, pressing against the...
  16. Global Warming, where are you?

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  17. $8 - Garrett Pro Pointer Tip Protectors (fits Origina, II, and AT). Set of 3, shipped

    Sorry. I don't do cash (I know I replied already in a PM, this is for other folks who might come across the thread). Cash is dangerous in the mail, to start with... (too much opportunity for both fraud and loss), and I'm not messing with cashing a check. I go to the bank probably 4 times a...
  18. Well. Got bit by someone trying to claim fraud so they could keep my coin...

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  19. I got a quick hunt in today... Apparently, just in time...

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  20. Ahhhh... $0.62 never felt so good...

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