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  1. Good hunt yesterday...

    Sweet Merc! Amazing how it became unified with the earth. Sluice Box
  2. Oh man just another penny....or so I thought

    Awesome find! Sluice Box
  3. My first big-ish silver

    Sweet Silver! Sluice
  4. Frozen buffalo

    Good coin to start the year out with! Sluice
  5. A Couple Indian Heads

    Nice finds! They look to be in awesome condition as well! Sluice Box
  6. Unwanted todays find

    Nice to see that it is finally melting down here in Michigan! Finally a chance to get out and about! WooooooT! Sluice
  7. 🥇 BANNER -550 BC Coin found Scuba detection with CTX

    I'm speechless... That is amazing! Good for you! Sluice
  8. Intro

    Welcome to the best forums located on the internet! What type of detector are you working with? Sluice
  9. Half Penny Find

    Wow, some old dates on those! Sluice
  10. Cool Relics from 1900s Site

    Awesome bunch of finds! Any information on the watch possibly? Sluice
  11. 1909 Indian

    Awesome condition! Good for you! Sluice
  12. Sonoma county newbie

    Hello and welcome to the best forums located on the internet! Congratulations on your finds as well! Sluice
  13. hi

    Welcome to the best forums located on the internet! Sluice
  14. Does anybody else have the frozen ground blues??

    Still to much damn snow on the ground here in MI to do anything. Patiently, and still waiting since November.... All this time being inside this winter has done nothing but pour fuel on my fire for this year! Come on Spring!!!! Sluice
  15. Freakin Brass Nuckles

    Awesome find! Sluice
  16. Only crazy people break out the ice to detect!…...

    Awesome finds Mike! Sluice
  17. little blue

    Cool looking glass! Sluice
  18. Large Cent & Indian

    Nice looking Indian Head you managed to score there! Sluice
  19. Sports field finds from Sunday

    Awesome old silver, from a new park! HH Sluice