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  1. Sea floor dart

    Sweet, love the fossils!!!
  2. Strange rock found in S. AZ

    Some might call that a shaft straightener as's an artifact for sure.
  3. Double Notched Meadowood

    Very cool, found my own single notcher here in Ohio. One of my favorite points.
  4. Some other artifacts

    Nice, the green one almost looks like Horse Creek chert?
  5. Back at it!

    Great day!
  6. đŸ¥‡ BANNER Copper Culture Sawtooth Spear Point.

    Awesome, I nominate for banner (can't find the button, do they still do this?) Sawtooth-base Points These unique types of projectile point are less commonly found. There are fewer than 20 in the museum collection and they were found in both Michigan and Wisconsin. The size range is usually...

    Awesome start, you'rre in a great area, let's see some pics of the big pink blade.
  8. Stupid question

    Natural...keep looking.
  9. "Lines" on a conch size shell and large vertebrae.

    The vertebrae looks like a crinoid...those lines do look tooled to a certain degree. Nice finds.
  10. Flint River candy

    Cool, looks like it's related to a Meg tooth!
  11. Hammerstoned?

    Nothing to indicate it has been worked on...natural.
  12. My Chisel Frame

    Great collection, would like to see better pics of your personal find chisel, looks like an interesting material.
  13. Northwest Georgia

    Couple of fossils and a couple maybes??? Pics aren't all that clear, need close ups.
  14. Frame of Midwestern Thebes

    Awesome frame!!! That E-Notch THebes is from an area I hunt and happens to be my favorite point.
  15. Early Woodland Adena Stemmed

    Fantastic find! Would like to see a cross-section (thin side) picture and maybe some in better lighting.
  16. What could this be?

    Although it is interesting it is a natural formation.
  17. Sheeesh

    You'd be better off buying 'Pet Rocks', at least they didn't misrepresent them.
  18. cubes

    No, although I can see why you would think so. Great to see you're trying to learn!
  19. cubes

    I didn't "go all the back to 2014 to pull this post?" . I just responded to a recent post.