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    I can tell you this Moe , the same head cover that I have for the 800 fits the Manticore , the 99 Id screen is an entire new learning process , as the 800 was dead on the numbers to coins , the red screen to be honest , I would like for night hunting , the Manticore CF shaft is not as tall as my...

    Never submerged mine , submerge the Excaliburs only , never submerged my CTX3030 to boot .

    The Manticore can see small gold the D2 can't from what I here . If I lived in FLorida , I would want to here all Gold , own a Manticore , not getting a D2 .
  4. Equinox 800 15"x12" coil for the beach

    The 15 inch I have been running- as soon as they became available , love the coverage , however in the water , run the 11 , or you will tare up the coil ears on the 15 in the surf , in water it will flip up , the 15 inch is a perfect coil to run in the wet & dry sand .

    1100 BUCKS for a 900 , your paying for a red screen & 99 ID range , thats 200 more than a new 800 , my opinion I would snatch up a 800 that hasn't been submerged with low hours like mine , and save some money :dontknow:
  6. New Minelab Manticore Forum

    1/11/2023 Received mine today 12pm , charging up the Manticore & Headphones , 1st impression , I like it , 1st hunt tomorrow , my Equinox 800 will get a break , happy Manticore hunting everyone , Earl
  7. Ringing in the New MD Season

    Sweet finds , congrats !
  8. Fisher AQ

    My buddy OBN won't sell me a AQ , sold my DF , a mistake , waiting on the next Gen WP Pi , since Fisher never came through on the AQ , selling my DF to get ready for it , a huge let down , big mistake !
  9. Excaliburs

    I love the Nox with the 15, on the beach wet- and some dry , Love my blue's Excaliburs with pp and skullies , ill be using them through spring , now if i had Joe's energy lol , id do better , last hunt of 2019 was with the DF , waiting with OBN on the AQ , if i can't do better with it , im done...
  10. A couple of questions about the Equinox 800

    Harold made my CTX head phone's , i didn't know he also made head phones for the Equinox , Harold , or Tony both are quality head phone's , Earl
  11. The first one in the wild - Impulse AQ

    Joe ill take a 4xlt long sleve howboughtit !
  12. Suggestions For Waterproof Case For Phone Car Keys etc

    JoTo on Amazon smart phone and my truck key License ect , goes around your neck, happy hunting Earl
  13. Threw together a short you tube slide show vid of Fla. trip

    Look's like you had a great vacation , sweet find's , thank's for sharing , Earl
  14. A couple of questions about the Equinox 800

    Tony's are nice on my Eq 800, however i have not been going in the water past knee deep this year and have just mostly run stock, well worth the money , Earl
  15. Went for the gold...

    Congrat's on the gold , happy hunting Earl
  16. Been a Very Blessed year on Gold..Gold Ring #98 FTY

    Congrat's Joe , by the end of the year, you will have 135 beat, EST 150 + , U Da Man , Earl
  17. First gold ring with the tarsacci

    Nice Golden Ice, congrat's it's a bute , Earl
  18. Oc Md beach find

    Dew , after all the disapointment's besides 3 - 925 ring's this year, id have to say i wish my coil had not picked this up , good luck to you in Florida , must be nice , happy hunting .
  19. Oc Md beach find

    UPDATE , sorry to inform everyone of the bad news, however i am a honest man , i ordered a 54lb jewler's magnet off Amazon to test the chain, i got it today on holloween, i tested all my real gold chains 10 , and 14 k including gold ring's and 925 sterling i had from over the year's , even...
  20. Oc Md beach find

    Most deffinately not , it found a new home, around my neck .