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  1. First hunt of the year! 1880’s!

    Hi, I found one of those cash coins but it's a darker color. Great find!!
  2. I'm new

    Thank you, I appreciate it. I would of never figured that out. 🙂
  3. I'm new

  4. My back yard

    Ok thank you 😊
  5. My back yard

    Hi I was wandering how to clean the old stuff I find.
  6. I'm new

    Ok cool, thank you
  7. I'm new

    Yes it's 4 Chinese symbols
  8. My back yard

    Hi. And thanks for looking. I'm really new at this so could you tell me how to clean the stuff like this better? I found out that 2 boys lived in this house and they must be there toys . There like in the 90s now and they both served in the military
  9. My back yard

  10. I'm new