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  1. Arrowhead?

    I figured so. Thanks bud. I appreciate it.
  2. Arrowhead?

    I appreciate it bud. Does this point have any value to it? I’m going to give it to the property owner who’s let me metal detect and has been so kind over the past years. I’d like to give him all the information that I can find on it when I’m able to give it to him. I also need a new truck so if...
  3. Arrowhead?

    Appreciate the feedback bud. Thanks.
  4. Arrowhead?

    What exactly does the expedited point made from debitage?
  5. Arrowhead?

    Anyone know anything about this point? Found in East TN.

    Never mind. Googled it

    Cannonballguy , if or since this isn’t an artillery fuse , what other options other than cannons or weapons would be a better guess for what this might have been used for? Me personally I don’t whats a bushing?

    Thanks bud. Yeah I don’t know much about artillery fuses or shells all together. Good to know. Thanks

    Any ideas on what I believe to be a fuse but to what exactly?
  10. ✅ SOLVED Got a jar lid. Anyone recognize the logo?

    Just wondering the age or company that made this lid. Any ideas? Seems like a square nail was used to puncture the top. Maybe I think that because I’ve found 6,000 square nails in the area and it’s , a square hole. Haha
  11. ✅ SOLVED Any ideas on this?

    Thank you sir..
  12. Why would anyone wear camouflage while metal detecting?

    I never wear condoms or camouflage when I’m out. Some people don’t. Some people do. Seems even more strange to wonder about anyone’s choice of clothing or lack there of than necessary. Stop being nosy and worrying about someone’s cloths. Whys everyone got to have their noses up everyone’s asses...
  13. ✅ SOLVED Any ideas on this?

    Found on a property that’s been used for farm land for many decades but also has CW activity. Just trying to see if anyone recognizes this piece. Thanks.
  14. Eyeballed this worked flint while detecting

    Anyone have any information or thoughts about this piece? I’m pretty sure my shovel broke it while I was digging a signal yesterday. I just happened to notice this part in the dirt that I had already dug out. I tried looking for the possible other part or anything similar but no luck. Thanks.
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Iron item dug near Civil War items. Any thoughts?

    I dug this up a couple days ago along side several Civil War relics. I was in an area finding a lot of melted camp lead and melted bullets swinging my machine slow and digging everything pretty much. I was curious if anyone knows what this item is or what it was made for or really any ideas at...
  16. ✅ SOLVED Sandstone and other rock item. Any ideas on these?

    I found these while metal detecting and I eye balled these in the dirt. Any ideas if they’re Native American tools?
  17. ✅ SOLVED Sandstone and other rock? Any ideas?

    I’m guessing the sandstone (bigger rock) was possibly used for sharpening and the other rock I have no clue on. Any ideas on these? Thanks for looking.
  18. ✅ SOLVED It’s heavy , it’s iron.. what is this?

    Anyone have any ideas on this?