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  1. Hunting in Hilton Head

    Same here, have hunted 5 or 6 times long scoop no problems. Safe beach at night, good finds, low junk. Best find was an abandoned poker game. The tide comes in quickly. Big difference in area from low to high tide.
  2. Any Russian Linguists Out There?

    Possible connection with The Workers Circle an organization from 1900 See Wikipedia for history.
  3. Any Russian Linguists Out There?

    My friend a Russian and Yiddish translator said this is Yiddish. The first word hasoair meaning turbulent. The second word korosach we can’t figure the last letter Kaf appears broken at the end.
  4. New Year’s gold 22c and silver 925

    I found it noted on another detecting forum and a site listing Indian markings. Not unusual to see 22c even 23c but the British standards for markings are strict where Indian markings are voluntary and testing for gold content is advisable for any items from India If anyone with more...
  5. New Year’s gold 22c and silver 925

    Luck won this time! My jeweler tested the ring, confirmed the 22 and immediately made a cash offer for it. I declined. True this was not the finest crafted ring I have ever seen but I am happy to bank any gold the beach gods toss in the scoop.
  6. New Year’s gold 22c and silver 925

    I have not done a test on it yet but there were many folks from India on the beach that week even a wedding one morning. Traditional for an bride to own and keep all the gold they are wearing when they get married. The wedding season in India drives the price of gold worldwide. The mark 22c...
  7. New Year’s gold 22c and silver 925

  8. Cache Pro Elite

    Kellyco is running a sale this week on the Cache Pro Elite. Has anyone used this, is it worth the sale price? Thanks Tek
  9. Taking Metal Detector & Gear on an Airline and/or Cruise

    Does anyone make a carbon fiber shaft that will break down to fit into airline luggage? I use a straight " Anderson " with the Xcall and can't figure a way to pack it. If not what is next best option? Tek
  10. Newport RI

    Wow, thanks for all the info. I'll bring a skin for the water. Love the older coins and that buckle is amazing. I saw people jumping from the rocks on the cliff walk into the water. Do you think the water around those cliff areas can be hunted safely? Any good Italian restaurants? Thanks...
  11. Newport RI

    After suffering through the red tide for 2 weeks in Siesta Key last year, we are going this year to Newport RI. We were there years ago and I remember the cliff walk and a few small beaches on the bay. Lots of history in the area. Has anyone detected on the island ? Any restrictions? I...
  12. Traveling to Jamaica? A MUST READ!

    Thanks for the heads up, looks like things have gotten more restrictive since I was there a few years back.
  13. Taking Metal Detector & Gear on an Airline and/or Cruise

    I have been on a number of cruise trips and never had a issue with the detector, long handle scoop, pin pointers, ect. Do not take anything that looks like a knife. Same for carry on luggage, even at Ben Gurion airport where they went through my stuff 3 times, and again with a supervisor, then...
  14. Dead Excal Battery

    Output question, My two Minelab rechargeable NiMH meter at 13.08 and 13.48 The two with Duracell Quantum meter 12.63 and 12.68 The EX-3000 reads at 12.55 ( just got one based on advice above and charged overnight ) Does the variance in voltage output matter as to performance of the detector...
  15. Share If You Dare!

    Yeah, reminds me the family beach vacation where I remembered everything but the scoop... Kellyco bailed me out by shipping one direct the the hotel. Not sure if they could ship to a campsite, might need Amazon Prime for that!
  16. Siesta key

    I just spent two weeks there and 90% indoors due to red tide. Lot of dead fish in the water and on the beach. Try the public beach area, use the free shuttle to get around. Ophelia’s on the Bay for nice dinner.
  17. Royal Carib Labadee

    Lot of rock, bottom drops off quick. Work near the waterline In the shallow water I found a ring there a few years ago.
  18. Got my MBA

    One happy man! Returned today, he tried to find with a face mask but gave up thinking he would never see it again. Lost a month ago.
  19. Disney PENDORA

    How do you know when you’ve got them all? Great find!