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  1. Possible stone tool?

    According to all your last posts your more of a metal detector "Expert" keep your comments to yourself!
  2. Possible stone tool?

    Found this in the river today,it has an omar on one side but I thought the grinding on edges were odd any thoughts?
  3. Possible stone tool?

    Look at the angles on the side, I know it has an omar!
  4. Possible stone tool?

    Found this in the river today.It has an omar on one side but the angles of the grinding I thought was odd!
  5. Bone tool?

    Found this in the river today, it is definitely bone but the narrow end has several nicks in it like it has been worked. Any ideas?
  6. Any ideas?

    Found these in the same river about a quarter mile apart. What are the odds of good old mother nature making 2 just alike but one smaller?
  7. Possible bone awls?

    Could these be bone awls, found about 1 mile apart and one has been drilled. The funny part is my dad found the drilled one in their flower bed.
  8. Hammerstone?

    Yes it's heavily pecked on one side and slightly tapered, I should have taken a pic of that I guess.
  9. Hammerstone?

    Yes I have found several pieces where this was found.
  10. Hammerstone?

    Could this be a hammerstone,shows pecking on one edge?
  11. What is this?

    I thought it was a fossil but thee groove had me curious.
  12. What is this?

    Curious what this is?
  13. Unusual bone

    Found this petrified bone that is really smooth and has perfect thickness wondering if it might be done for a pendent or something else?
  14. Pecking stone?

    I should have said hammerstone.
  15. Pecking stone?

  16. What is this?

    Could this be a scraper?
  17. Plow Marks?

    Found this in a river and needing to know if these grooves are from plow or something else. The grooves go all the way around the rock almost perfectly.