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  1. Old Small White Jar?

    BUT its worth $13 on ebay. BIG MONEY:coins:
  2. Old Small White Jar?

    Mentholatum Vintage White Milk Glass Old Small 2" Ointment Salve Jar Solved?
  3. Old Small White Jar?

    Hi All, cleaning up the deschutes river you find alot of trash but you also find alot of WWI/WWII and Logging Relics. Today we found this cute little white jar. We thought it might be an old pill container from pharmacy. Can anyone identify? The Substrate is white glass. Thank you!
  4. 1930s Old Spice After Shave Lotion Porcelain Bottle

    Hello from the Deschutes River. My crew and I like to clean up the river one or twice a week and pull out all sort of things, like old bottles, logging equipment, plastic, clothes, but we do find the occasional treasure. My buddy Jarrod found a 1930s Old Spice after shave lotion bottle. Half of...
  5. Lucky Gold Horseshoe: 2nd Time Ever Metal Detecting

    Lucky Gold & Diamond Horseshoe: 2nd Time Ever Metal Detecting Was at the beach with my mother teaching her the minimal amount I knew about metal detecting with my brand new Garrett ATMAX. Was cruising around the pepper corn trees finding all sorts of change, thought I detected a quarter but...