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  1. Cincinnati Eden Park Treasure (NOT the pirate story)

    I saw this mentioned and am trying to find the original article. I am assuming this refers to the "Cincinnati commercial gazette. : (Cincinnati [Ohio]) 1883-1896" but I cannot find access to this paper. Does anyone have a account that could check for me? TIA any help is much...
  2. 1892 Article about Diving Rods

    I hope this hasn't been posted already, but just came across it...
  3. Uniontown Cave Gold
  4. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    Saw this video recently, and I like the idea of reading the poem in a different way. If the poem is the map, then you must find the X...
  5. Hamilton Ohio

    Maybe there is more buried on the property The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, January 16, 1905, Evening, Image 1 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress
  6. Incredible Collection of Maps Available to the Public

    There is an amazing map collection at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee; it is the American Geographical Society Library location. Check out the article below about it!! Inside The Most Amazing Map Library That You've Never Heard Of | Atlas Obscura http://...
  7. Cincinnati Curiosities

    I follow this tumbler account and it may be useful with treasure leads for Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. The author uploads old newspaper articles that are weird, different, and especially interesting. Hope this helps or at least entertains you!:occasion14: Cincinnati Curiosities: Archive
  8. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    The link is not working... could you resend?
  9. Lost New Portage Village and Indian Village

    You may want to read part of this book. I found it on Google books: Historical Collections of Ohio: An Encyclopedia of the State ..., Volume 3 By Henry Howe...
  10. Grandpa Thriftys Treasure Hunt

    A new fourth clue was just released, check out to see it!
  11. The Worlds Greatest Treasure Hunt - Quest for the Golden Eagle

    is anyone here still working on this hunt?
  12. Grandpa Thriftys Treasure Hunt

    Grandpa Thrifty's Treasure Hunt Hi! So I was just wondering if anyone has checked out the ebook Grandpa Thrifty's Treasure Hunt by Stanford Squirrel 8-)? It seems pretty fun, and I was hoping to start some discussion of the clues on here!
  13. Cincinnati area native american trails

    Check these out to add to your collection...
  14. Any ohio leads? Cincinnati?

    Hi Bblaha! I am in Cincinnati too, and I am always looking for new leads. I posted a thread in treasure legends called PLANE CRASH MONTGOMERY OHIO (actualy IN Cincinnati); check it out and tell me what you think. I need all the help i can get in researching! Thanks and welcome!
  15. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    I agree i am still trying to dig up more information. I found an article that speaks of Johnson's widow, Lois Marie H Johnson, who wrote a book about her husband called The Embezzler's Widow. I was hoping to read it and look for any clues into their lives, but i cannot find it anywhere. I did...
  16. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    So I was just reading a story about this incident on the Cincinnati Enquirer's website, and a user commented that he remembered that Johnson and the group were to be heading to Reading to the location after they landed at Lunken where in reading should I look? :)

    About a year ago, I ordered his book through his website. It took about a month to get my book; it was near the point of me getting worried too! Unfortunately if it has been this long and you cannot even get a hold of him, it may be time to get your money back. Good luck and I hope it all works out!
  18. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    This seems like a long shot, but maybe there are some people who might remember carl johnson from when he lived in Cincinnati? Or has any information relating to an alias, or a more detailed story of where the money was found in the Chicago area. I've looked at the internet info for months now...
  19. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    Thanks for some nice info!
  20. Plane crash montgomery ohio

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on the plane wreck on December 16, 1982, that crashed in the village of Montgomery in southwest Ohio. It was carrying Carl Johnson, a known bank embezzler to Cincinnati's Lunken airport to begin looking for about $50,000 in a hidden location, "wooded...