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  1. Please help identify.

    Nice find, it looks kinda like this!
  2. Why does the State of Florida give out exploration permits

    I have already submitted issues to the IG and they are there to protect the Governor. They sent me a letter negating my issues 10 days later. The BHR broke the law and the IG found no credible evidence to substantiate anything. 4 mos later they shut my permit down via the NMF. The NMF said I...
  3. Found Lost Pirate Treasure today!

    So I am with my wife today in a small time antique shop trying not to get bored when out of the corner of my eye I see a nice 8 Reale. I call my wife over and ask her to have someone open the case for a good look. The price can’t be right if it is a true Reale. Turns out it is a 8 Reale from...