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  1. Large display artifacts

    Very interesting, eclectic collection. Some things may be worth just a few bucks, others there's no telling how valuable they could be. You have two issues. 1), you're going to have to do some digging to find an array of experts who could value some of these items. And 2), not having any kind...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I don't know ?

    Neither appear to me to molds. Just to satisfy your curiosity buy some play-dough (or make some, you can google how), press it in, and remove and examine.
  3. Trunk side table

    Unless there's something special about that particular one, lots of vintage trunks like that sell for $75-$150. Less ornate a bit lower, more ornate a bit higher. Check with someone who stages houses for real estate sales, they'll probably give you a low end estimate. There's just a ton of...
  4. Baseball signature help. 😁

    I'm wondering if that's his son, Pete Rose Jr. He kicked around the minors for a few years, might've been called up for a short period of time.
  5. Looking for information on the late treasure hunter, Timothy L. Watkins

    Post this in the Shipwreck Forum, I think you’ll get more responses.
  6. Any info on this knife?

    I remember those from the 70's. Some companies had logos on them for advertising.
  7. Autographed Baseballs - Willie Mays, Joe Torre - need help with other signatures

    As noted, #3 appears to be Vida Blue. The last MLB one appears to be Hobie Landreth #4 appears to be Terry Whitfield and Bill Wakefield.
  8. Black lacquer carved dragon lamp

    Don't think it's old, the base isn't scratched or worn. Is the paint wearing off towards the bottom? Cool looking piece...
  9. Holly's CS and CSA buckles off The Sherman wreck off Little River Inlet and update.

    Its not in a river, Salvor. It’s about 7 miles offshore, in the open ocean. Even if those buckles were buried in the sand offshore, IMHO those hooks should’ve corroded away in a salt environment if they’d actually been submerged that long.
  10. Holly's CS and CSA buckles off The Sherman wreck off Little River Inlet and update.

    Particularly looking at the second picture, it seems to me being in an ocean environment for that period of time (if authentic), the hooks would be completely rusted off. Just my opinion, but they appear to not have spent that amount of time in the ocean.
  11. Strangest iron item Ive found on an early colonial site

    Almost appears to be an old gearbox of some sort, the second pic appears to show protrusions that are possibly rods going into the gearbox?
  12. More Bottles in the Heat

    Very nice bottles. Are you privy digging, or did you find a bottle dump?
  13. A first look at the wreck of the San José galleon...

    It looks like a metal bucket/pot/basin of some sort that was crushed in. Looks like another similar item to the left of it.
  14. Help to identify

    Found in the water, or found in the dunes? It certainly "looks" old, but it doesn't have the "look" of something that spent time underwater or buried in dunes, it doesn't seem to be weathered. Any chance it came from inside of a building, and was mislabeled or misidentified on accident (or on...
  15. ask me your 1715 fleet questions,,,,,see if i can answer em

    Could've been a series of large Indian burial mounds. I've read some accounts that when A1A was built there were a LOT of burial mounds bulldozed and used for fill dirt.
  16. Dell Winders has passed over the bar.

    I’d been meaning to contact Dell and ask him a few questions, then see if he still needed help. Hadn’t seen anything posted on him in a while. As usual, life finds a way of interfering, got busy and missed out on more chatting with him. RIP....
  17. Bobby Jordan

    Burrapeg, please post the pics and keep the memories going. Once we’re gone the memories and knowledge are lost.
  18. Green Cabin wreck Location

    Little to no marine growth on that timber. If it's 400 years old and has been underwater it's been buried in the sand, it look to be almost pristine.'s been onshore buried in a sand dune, maybe erosion/construction broke it loose?
  19. Pirate Door To Treasure Room?

    Not sure what it is, but it doesn't appear to have spent any significant amount of time in the water, it's almost pristine looking. There's no reference as to size, but looking at it appears to me to be a footboard to a bed. Any hinges or hardware on it that might help date it?
  20. Found in the riverbank on my property

    Looks like a lever or switch handle? Sending you a pm