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  1. THREE Seated Silvers and a PELICAN!

    Darn, Buckle you are still killing it. Nice finds in any ones book. When are you going back to Kentucky??
  2. Cross one off the Bucket List!!

    See you are still at it. Nice finds. Glad winter is over in Ohio. I'll be in Kettering on Monday. My Dad lives in Springfield and Mom in Urbana. Maybe we can hook up next week
  3. First hunt at 1890s House - A Three Silver Day!!!

    Looks like an old butter knife.
  4. First hunt at 1890s House - A Three Silver Day!!!

    Sweet finds, Doug. Don't rub the silver:tongue3: That car looks spooky. Is that in Ashville? Any bones in there ?????????? Glad to see you are still killing it.........Ron
  5. Recent Gold Rush hunt yields TWO Buckles!

    Sweet buckles, Ron. I see you're still at it. I've been gone for nearly 4 years now. Just started to get back on TNET again.
  6. Two Silvers kinda day !

    What's going on, Frodov. Looks like you are still king of silver in Ky. Glad to see your post
  7. The Etrac was great to me on its maiden voyage!

    Nice finds. Looks like the glaciers have finally melted in the NE. The E-track is a nice detector. I want to upgrade one of these days. My friend has one and he hits the silver every time.
  8. Found this in my garden

    Darn, Jeff. 50,000 posts??????????????? you have been busy
  9. Found this in my garden

    Same here. I didn't know or ever see them that big before. Mine were all nickel size as well. Maybe this will be a banner find:laughing9:
  10. Found this in my garden

    Sorry Jeff . 1 1/2" in diameter. See how dumb I am??
  11. Found this in my garden

    Hi everyone. Haven't posted anything on here in years. I know I wasn't missed, though. Anyway. Found this while doing some gardening. I think it's a Chinese cash coin. Didn't know they made them this big. I have found quite a few small ones over the years, but this was an easy fine.
  12. I miss Ohio, but not the weather

    I haven't been on here for 3 years plus. Been laying low with health problems and haven't done much. So much has changed on here..........oh well. We skipped spring and went right to Summer. 87 here today. Hope all of the old-timers are doing well. Miss detecting in Ohio but not in Feb. I was...
  13. Pennies and more pennies

    See if it's a VDB wheatie!!!!!
  14. First Silver of the Year is a Big One

    That's one of the best walking liberty's I have ever seen on here. Nice score
  15. MIA Bracelet "Chief"

    Re: MIA Bracelet "Chief" Excellent job. Did you have any luck contacting the family of the last one you found?
  16. MIA Bracelet "Chief"

    Re: MIA Bracelet "Chief" Amazing find, Papa. Another MIA bracelet in the same area. That seems kind of wierd ??? Just currious on how you figured out his whole name. I just see half of the bracelet.
  17. ๐Ÿ† HONORABLE MENTION Lost watch found after 1 1/2 years & still running!

    Re: Lost watch found after 1 1/2 years & still running! Yep>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> He's an old Chap for sure :laughing9: Nice find, Doug. Maybe this year I'll swing by for a cold Coor's :laughing9: Oh, I meant metal detecting first :icon_scratch:
  18. No Snow, I gotta do a Pit Dig!! Back Bar Bottle, beer and more!

    Your the "PITMASTER" J :notworthy: Love them old bottles you always find. I like that engraved glass too!! I wish I could get into prizzy diggin too. You seem to have it down to an art :headbang:
  19. kinda strange ( clean look at last post )

    Re: kinda strange I think he will take a while. The WARDEN has him occupied :laughing9:
  20. Might as well let you see... (Who do I look like?)

    Re: Might as well let you see... I had to laugh at that one :laughing7: