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  1. Second Successive Sunday Silvers Successfully Saved!!!

    Oh, that barber! Great finds!
  2. I caught a fish at dump today!

    That's real nice and in great shape too!
  3. Another day in the park

    Nice haul there Joe Dirt!
  4. Hi from Portugal

    Welcome from Yuma, Arizona USA, the sunniest place on earth!
  5. Hello from gorgeous Madison County, Iowa!

    Welcome from sunny Arizona, happy hunting!
  6. Hello from Missouri

    Welcome from sunny Arizona. Happy hunting!
  7. new member from UK

    Welcome from sunny and HOT Arizona!
  8. New member from Central WA state

    Welcome, enjoy the forum!
  9. A few from this past weekend had a great weekend!
  10. Native Pottery - Old West

    Have no idea but it is a nice find!
  11. Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh......

    Quite a find, congrats!
  12. Greetings from Georgia

    Welcome aboard from Arizona!
  13. Hello from Alabama!

    Welcome aboard! You've got years of detecting ahead of you...ENJOY!
  14. Hello all!!

    Welcome aboard from Arizona!
  15. Hi , First time on this site. My name is Wayne H.

    Welcome from Arizona, Wayne!
  16. Big finds on the plantation!!!!!

    Great finds! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Nickel trifecta... the weird way!

    Congrats on the very nice finds.
  18. Another 18th c. Irish Halfpenny

    That's a cool copper find!
  19. Searching for Yaqui relics in old Sonora Mexico

    Very interesting! Thanks.