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  1. copper coins? Tokens? or what?

    I found these a while back and I have no clue what they are. A friend told me they were colonial dutch coins but they are dated in the mid to late 1700s and if Im not mistaken the dutch left NY in 1663. If anyone knows what they are or where they come from I sure would appreciate the help...
  2. Frying pan? and other unknown

    how about an old fashion tortilla press?
  3. 1969 Odd Quarter

    could it be a coin ot of a proof set?
  4. HELP

    Sorry I dont have a working camera at the moment. It is a spherical rock, looks like granite, light brown in color, has some sparkling elements in it. It sets off my detector but a magnet wont stick to it. Im thinking of taking it to the local colleges earth science department and see if they...
  5. Fact or fiction .....The CW- ship called "The Marylou" sank in Cayuga lake,NY

    Re: Fact or fiction .....The CW- ship called "The Marylou" sank in Cayuga lake,NY I live in Auburn and will do a bit of research on that for ya. I have never heard of it before but you never know and it couold prove to be interesting. Chris
  6. The Abenaki Wolf-Charter Cache

    The Abenaki Wolf-Charter Cache Hey has anyone ever heard of this lead in upstate NY I found the story on the internet but dont know if it is worth persuing or not any info would be greatly appreciated thanks Chris
  7. Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

    I was doing some research on the buried treasure of the loomis gang and I came across a bit of info that bothers me to no end. On Montezuma "WILDLIFE REFUGE" you can kill animals but you cant metal detect. Seems logical to me >:( Our government at work
  8. One BIG Sign

    when I was a kid I had a 1966 oldsmobile and it had holes rusted through the floor. we used street signs as floorboards so we didnt get wet in the wintertime. ::)
  9. HELP

    Can anyone tell me why a rock would set off my detector. It looks like a piece of granite that I dug up this morning. I dug for about 10 inches down before I realized it was the rock that was giving the signal. What could it be. Any Insights would be appreciated. thanks Chris

    Thanks for all the encouragement . today I didnt get out but i did a lot of research. i found an 1875 map of Auburn and noticed that there were a lot of schools marked on it. I then compared it to a recent map and there were no schools so i drove arond town and noticed that where the schools...
  11. 7 inch Long, 2 Holed, Slate, Archaic Gorget

    forgive my ignorance but what is a gorget?
  12. Upstate NY anyone?

    Im in auburn NY 30 miles west of Syracuse would love to get together with some people to do some detecting

    thanks for the manual, now I learn to do it right thanks again

    The metal dector that I have is a bounty hunter challenger There are many bounty hunter manuals but none for the challenger. I dont know anything at all about detectors just that they beep when it detects metal :) any help finding a manual would be appreciated

    The park that I detected used to have a hotel there as well as a turn of the century amusment park. I just cant wait to get back out there I am totally hooked.

    Last week a friend of mine moved out of state and left me his metal detector. Ive never been detecting before so I went to a local park to try to figure out how to use it ( he didnt leave me the manual). After wandering around for about a half hour the detector gave me my first signal, so I...