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  1. New Treasure Hunt 2022!

    "Tell Me Which Mystery Treasure Box" launches this Saturday Jan 1, 2022 Noon PST! 3 puzzles / 3 winners! Lots of silver in the prizes including a 1/2 Troy pound silver coin!
  2. NEW TREASURE HUNT - Tribute to Forrest Fenn!!!

    KRPO COWS GRAND ADVENTURE ~ TRIBUTE TO THE CHASE! Release date: Thursday Nov 19 6:00pm Pacific. $25 buy in $5 from every buy in goes to the prize pool Total armchair – solve on your computer Required: valid email address and internet access Send payment here Then...
  3. NEW TREASURE HUNT - Tribute to Forrest Fenn!!!

    Details on the LIVE show in 5 hours. totally armchair! a huge collection of Forrest Fenn memorabilia and cool items! 1 winner gets it all! ~ Kpro and Cowlazars email [email protected] with questions.
  4. new armchair puzzle

    5 prizes to 5 winners. The video above contains puzzles for 20 words. Figure out the words and fill in the crossword puzzle. See the rules video in the description. Good Luck! ~ Cowlazars ps - its free to play.
  5. NEW TREASURE HUNT for $50,000

    There is a book out that contains clues to a treasure hidden somewhere in the U.S. Solve the clues and they take you to within 6 inches of it. You have the option of taking 50,000 dollar coins or a check for 50K. Look it up on Youtube - "Breakfast Tea and Bourbon"
  6. $50,000 treasure hunt!

    Giving away a free copy of Breakfast Tea and Bourbon. It contains clues to a object that once found you turn in to the author and get $50,000. I do vlogs on other treasure hunts as well. Check it out. Thanks! ~ Cowlazars
  7. Treasure worth millions stashed for Treasure Hunters update 2-27-13

    Forrest Fenn vlog... more videos coming. vlog #6 - the word that is key
  8. $2,000,000 Treasure Chest Hunt!

    My thoughts on the Forrest Fenn treasure...
  9. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    Hello everyone my thoughts on the map in To Far To Walk. Subscribe for more thoughts on The Chase I have been working on this for years.
  10. Forrests Fenn's Poem and Map

    Here are my thoughts on the map. Thanks.
  11. Forrests Fenn's Poem and Map

    Here are my thoughts on the map. Thanks.