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  1. Culvert Pirates! Gold Rush 2018

    Tonight is the night we get to be on a Live Radio show! excited!!!!:occasion14:
  2. Water was Cold but our fever was high

    I love comparison videos from the past years to the now
  3. Water was Cold but our fever was high

    I know it, running the cons is my least favorite part too...soo nice to have help!
  4. Culvert Pirates! Gold Rush 2018

    Sara, Jett and I met up with Ed, Jesse and Dan-O for the Ohio Buckeye Chapter Meet then bounced to the OSPA Property
  5. Water was Cold but our fever was high

    Sara and I took our son Jett to the creek on Easter Sunday. It was still a bit chilly but we needed a fix for our fever. Loaded up the exploder and went to a club private property with the intent of at least classifying some material and bringing i home to run through the gold cube then over the...
  6. Test Sluicing a spot in Ohio video

    We live here in Ohio where gold is a big harder to come by. There is a club here we joined and now have access to some nice properties around Ohio, in the following video we attended a meeting before the closing of one of the properties for deer season..Safety First! Took the kids down to the...
  7. GPAA Gold Rush Days Ohio video

    Hello everyone! Sara and I attended the Ohio Gold Rush Days here in Ohio for the 3rd year in a row! A big thanks to the GPAA and the Ohio Buckeye Chapter for hosting a great event with awesome vendors and the best of all...the prospectors ourselves! Here is a link to my YouTube video
  8. Ohio Gold@ Bills Pure gold 2017

  9. Gold in the back yard!

    I was bored today so I decided to check out the stream behind my new my surprise I found color! Here is my journey
  10. Minerva Oktoberfest!

    The president for the OSPA asked us to help run a booth here in Ohio in my home town to demonstrate anything gold mining related! Being in Ohio not many people know there is bits and fly poop pieces of gold around! We got to run our highbanker dredge right in good ol downtown! A first for us...
  11. Ohio Dredging Video 2016

    Our good buddy Dan-O Found a hot spot down at Bills Pure Gold and invited us to his secret hole! Here is the video link:
  12. Found another Native burial mound.

    thanks for the share! very cool
  13. I found a Picker! Video inside!

    Our last run here in Ohio, went down to our normal spot by Columbus ..
  14. Dredging on bedrock

    Thanks guys, winter is coming..need to get another run in!
  15. Dredging on bedrock

    this is part 2 of this series. if ya wish to see part one check under my video's section..BUT this part has the gold totals in the end!
  16. Dredging a huge culvert!

    Sara and I went to a local claim here in ohio. Took the dredge and hit the culvert!
  17. Ohio Gold hunt

    Hey everyone! Welcome back! This round Dan-O Sara lee and I went to the OSPA club claim "Norris" for a weekend of no...not hard work..but to move very little dirt and have a great time! We took our hibanker dredge combo..and Dan-O brought his sluice (lazy time) This is our story of a Saturday...
  18. Bills Pure Gold in Ohio

    our first trip to Bills this year..did really good!
  19. Check out earing it fake?

    thought so..thanks guys!
  20. Check out earing it fake?

    Check out earring it fake? Found some trash at the beach..but came across an earring guess is that its fake..whats your take???