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  1. Water hunting wears

    Thanks what’s the least likely to draw attention. I do wear a Wide brimmed Tilley hat. Does anyone just wear a regular button up fishing shirt ?
  2. Water hunting wears

    I have been out all Summer water hunting neck deep. I am getting a real dark tan and have had some nice burns even with sunscreen on. Are there any shirts that you guys wear to protect your upper body from the sun. Lots of melanoma in my family so I don’t want to get Any more sun.
  3. XP Deus freshwater beach programs

    Thanks Signal line I did try the Gold Field program and yes it’s very deep, sometimes too deep into the concrete like clay I have in this region. Nothing like spending 20 minutes digging out a crushed soda can LOL. I normally use the Hot program with iron notched out to below 30. I am...
  4. XP Deus freshwater beach programs

    New to water detecting but not the Deus. I was wondering if anyone can help me with some custom programs that would be good for freshwater beach hunting. I have the water kit but find it very different in the water. The beaches here are hit but not to the extent as some of the saltwater beach?s...
  5. Email scam - Wondering how they did this

    Yo Da internet will be shutting down for maintenance this Saturday. To continue to enjoy all the porn click here.
  6. Can anyone help me identify this? Found on my property in TX (digging - deep in grou)

    Now that’s what you call a fire ant:laughing9:
  7. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    Well count yourself lucky, I only had one person that I distantly knew that passed away, before the second wave, but the past few Months have been one after another. It’s Real I can send anyone the obits. I feel for the health care workers they are the true victims of all this.
  8. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    REALLY people must live in the back woods under a stump. I know at least 20 people who died of COVID many friends or their family members and one of my good friends who is a nurse has held the hands of more than she wishes to count who died in front of her with no one except her present. I can’t...
  9. Help with this coin

    Early Canadian one cent.
  10. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    God bless America because he is the only one who will help you if you don’t help yourselves. Good luck