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  1. What kinda gun would shoot this?

    .459 Creedmore
  2. Any help would be appreciated.

    Found in North MS.. In an area full of cretaceous fossils, has been excavated so could be from any period. # 3 sticks to your tongue.🤪
  3. Need help identifying possible tusk?

    Looks like a fossilized coral stem to me.
  4. Help identify these fossils.

    Hard to tell from those photos. If you can safely and legally remove them do so. Take them home and gently clean them. Take more pics.
  5. What is this wrench

    4th pic is a ball joint separator wrench. It is aged. I have seen fireman spanners that favored the other one.
  6. Bubbles?

    Can you do some tests, hardness, streak, etc..? I have seen fossilized eggs look like that. Color can change based on surroundings.
  7. Anyone know the Peace River?

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help. I'll get with the florida group. We have a state park close to me we get shark teeth from but no megs and that's what I want!
  8. Anyone know the Peace River?

    I am planning a trip to the Peace River in Florida. Gonna try to do some tooth hunting. If anyone knows of any good areas open to tooth hunting let me know. Dont really want to do the tourist areas with everyone else. Thanks!
  9. 925 “PC”

    Did a search found some other items marked .925 PC they were all labeled sterling silver.
  10. What is it? Age!!! Please!!! help id!!!!

    Think it's a screw in plug cap for an electrical junction box. Very common. What's it's made if might help age it. But if that's a rubber o ring it's fairly modern.
  11. Found near an old ghost town. What is it?

    It's a porcelain wire insulator. They are used on electric fences and in old home wiring. Here's a pic of some.
  12. ✅ SOLVED Suspenders or garter clip?

    I'm gonna guess suspenders due to the decoration. There are ornate garter clips but it was more commonly found on suspenders. No idea on age.
  13. Any info on this badge?

    My guess would be an old badge for University of California Hastings, which has locations in San Francisco and Oakland. It is a law school and was founded in 1878. Just a guess, but cool find!
  14. Statue

    I agree with everyone else, Chinese Fisherman Staues are common. They stand for abundance and prosperity. If you had the bakelite one above you'd probably have a little money ($150) or so. This pewter one is super cool for a ground find but the value isn't there. Some stoner probably lost it...
  15. Help identifying Part 2!

    Clay, thanks. You put me on the right path. There are have have not been any buildings on this land in recorded history but there is a pipeline that is buried 10 ft.. I took them to a geologist at a local college and he determined that they "could" be tar balls. Tar balls are rare but found in...
  16. ID Request

    I'm thinking an old tractor radiator cap with a pop off vent built in.
  17. Help identifying Part 2!

    It has a hardness of 2-3 and streaks brown. I wrapped a small one in a rag and hit it twice with a hammer, the fracture line is smooth but porous (see pic below). The one on the scale (178.8 grams or 6.31 oz) is roughly half the size of a baseball. It fits Jet Stone but the shapes are nothing...
  18. Help identifying Part 2!

    The plot thickens... I was thinking coprolite in the post below. I went back this morning and dug 15 more. I dont have a clue what this is and need your help.
  19. Help identifying!

    Found this in North Mississippi. In red clay. Found 20 or 30 smaller ones without the detail , they have been rounded off. They were all within a 15 ft radius. Been digging rocks and arrowheads here my whole life and never ran across this. Thinking it could be Coprolite (fossilized feces)??