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  1. Colder than the windchill

    Make it 1/29
  2. Colder than the windchill

    I agree but I would have liked to at least maintain the 1 per box "quota" after the hot start which included a 28 box. Just shows you how it can swing statistically. I'm killing it on the year but its been 3 weeks with just one measly 40.
  3. Colder than the windchill

    After starting the year with (77) 40%ers and (4) 90s in 23 boxes 81/23, I'm now on a (1) 40%er in 27 boxes slump Hopefully just posting this will turn the tide.
  4. indians?

    3 boxes, first box 1876. Only one.
  5. Subday fix

    I have a wall up around Ann Arbor. #goblue
  6. Finally a 1970s

    After 400,000 coins searched I got this guy today.
  7. 2012 summary

    A friend if mine crh's, here are the results for boxes of halves only. This doesn't count some massive cwr or coin machine bag finds. 60/40 split loomis to brinks boxes. Boxes searched 394. 40% 339 or .86 per box 90% 62 or .15 per box Total avg is 1.01 per box
  8. michigan hunting?

    Stay out of Ann Arbor. It's dry.
  9. Who in michigan...

    Marks their halves with blue or purple dots from a bingo marker?
  10. great ender!

    Brinks. Weird color brown
  11. great ender!

    Opened this brinks box today, coin is in pretty good condition. This box only yielded one other hit, a 66. Second brinks box was better....a beat up walker, a 64, and 7 40%ers.
  12. Found 1867 Indian Head, Need Advice

    Neutralize with what?
  13. Found 1867 Indian Head, Need Advice

    so why did you clean yours, just out of curiosity
  14. Found 1867 Indian Head, Need Advice

    So after months of just doing silver and nickels, I got a box of Cents for my son to look through. Amazingly he found an 1867 indian head, which I think according to red book is bronze!!! Anyway it has some hard green spots on it. Though the date is very clear. Is there a SAFE way to clean this???
  15. Coin counter giving away wheat pennies!

    I don't collect or search pennies, but I was returning halves in a coin counter today and the machine kicked out 62 pennies into the reject tray. They must have been lodged because they got spit out a few at a time. There was one steely and one as old as 1909. Nice little surprise.
  16. Oh lord

    at least there was no mention of the hobby or even the idea that you can still find these coins in circulation!
  17. Finally....a slumpbuster!

    After going 0-20 boxes of halves I hit a slumpbuster, 11 40%ers and 1 1964. Plus it's just fun to say slumpbuster :)
  18. Drought needs to end....

    14 boxes of halves and counting, and a box of dime. 1000k more in halves tomorrow, last chance for the week.
  19. Drought needs to end....

    I'm getting antsy, haven't pocketed any silver since the 21st of April (13 days). I have 4 boxes today, 2 torrow, 10 next week. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.