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  1. Thread Notifications

    Recently, just about every night around midnight my phone will chime and I get a TreasureNet notification on random topics that I'm not even subscribed to. Does anyone have an answer to why this started happening?
  2. Post Your Pet Pictures

    Sheldon Sigmund Maddox
  3. Possible King George

    Right here. You can faintly see the "A"
  4. Boom Baby the best location for silver and lots of good finds evrytime!!!!!!! Try it

    Great finds on the hill! I also love checking the inner edge of these types of low walls because people typically would sit on them. This one produced a Wheat spill for me.
  5. 20 min hunt on the way home

    Very nice. I love small yards and patches of grass. Spending a lot of time on them and pulling every little thing I can. I've found many small areas that produce well.
  6. Hour Hunt at one of my Nephew djm of PA's permissions

    Looks like part of a Mason jar lid? Every time I find one I look for the jar itself full of coins. Hasn't happened yet...
  7. Three Indians and what I think is a bag seal...

    Do you know what was in this wide open field in the past? Or did you just happen to stumble upon these items by chance?
  8. Just me, paying for my train parking spot

    Yes. Car wash for me all the time!
  9. Recent finds with the nox 600 including a spill and first spanish with new machine

    Very nice spill assortment! I've only came across 2 like that so far. Congrats!
  10. Latest Finds: Little Silver & Marbles

    Great finds Tom! What do you suppose those 3 interlocked rings are?
  11. BIG Silver

    Those Canadian silver dollars are beautiful. I have one from my father. Congrats!
  12. My First Ring Return

    I was out hunting a park the other day and I saw a lady going over the football field with a kids metal detector. I could tell from a distance that she didn't know how to even swing it properly. We started talking and she said that she had lost her small ring that went with her wedding ring...
  13. New Member Of The 1700’s Club!

    Congratulations! Beautiful coin. I thought mine was old. You beat mine by 7 years!
  14. Rejected by the Bank

    I clean my clad with soap and a Scrub brush (unfortunately I don't have a tumbler) 3 years ago I took my clad to my bank and cashed them in with no problem. Today I went to the bank to cash in my new horde. I handed them over to the lady and she walked over to her manager... The manager looked...
  15. Key Date Wheat and More

    My thought exactly. I looked over and over with my magnifying glass hoping it would magically appear, but it's just not there...
  16. 1933 World's Fair Token

    1933 World's Fair Token Three Indians: 1900,1897,189? Two Wheats: 1925,1927
  17. Key Date Wheat and More

    (last few hunts) I always look my Wheats up in Red Book before I put them away. To my astonishment, after over 200 Wheats, I finally found a key date. 1914D 2 Buffalo's (unreadable) 1943 war nickel, 1917 Mercury, 1864 & 1903 Indians. 10 Wheats: 26,29,34,40,41,41,41,45,47,51D Kendrick & Co...
  18. Go Ahead, You’re Not Gonna Find Anything.....

    Beautiful ring. Had a permission last month and the guy said there's been a few people that detected and there's probably not much to find. I also took the challenge and walked away with a silver ring and a silver Washington. Great job!