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  1. Leveling a sluice accurately

    Drop it into the water just once, and let's see how level it really is.
  2. What detector for highly iron mineralized soild

    What is the difference between the Gold Bug II and the Gold Bug Pro? Will be using one or the other for placer gold or platinum. Which would be recommended?
  3. Vibrating feed hopper testing

    Great idea... very innovative. I wonder if this would improve my 4" dredge yields while dealing with heavy, viscous clay and shale. I've seen what comes out of the hose, and sometimes clay is still stuck together in small pieces. Probably loosing fines in the clay... this may just be the tool to...
  4. Best Place for Mining in 2018!

    Was watching Aussie Gold on Netflix. Permits for using metal detectors on public land, filing land use leases and claims, Lord help you if drilling and blasting is required. Plus the distances are so vast.
  5. Leveling a sluice accurately

    Found the tool made for the job. The Stanley I-Beam 180 at Home Depot. The bubble on the right can be set to whatever angle required.
  6. Gold Bug II and the PGE

    Need advice before I go all in on a GBII. How well do you think it will perform detecting platinum granules? The really, really old timers used to throw platinum away as "immature" silver. Too bad they never had a periodic table available when in the field. Found a small amount of very heavy...