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  1. Couple of XP Deus questions

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe the new Deus comes with the x35 coils now, which require v5.2 of the software. You cannot go back to the older versions of software with the x35 coils. I believe they discontinued the original LF coils that came with it before. I have the original...
  2. Charging connector on WS5 Headset...

    Mine is the exact same way. No secret, just a little finesse.
  3. Any of you save some of the worms you dig for fish bait?

    No, I don't hassle with the worms while detecting (I don't eat them either!). That would just give me something else to carry but is a great idea if you fish often. I was detecting along a creek one day and a fisherman asked me to throw him any worms I dug up. I said "sure, but if you reel in...
  4. It is a discovery

    As tempting as it is to run up by the house and start, I always like to start away and work my way towards the house. Personally, it gets me tuned into the ground conditions for a particular site and I think its easier to pick out the good targets once you get close to the house where there is a...
  5. First Spanish Silver

    Great score. That coin is in great condition! Congrats!
  6. 🥇 BANNER Beyond Epic Colonial Hammered Coin Cache!

    Holy smokes, Smokey! Incredible!
  7. Birthday surprise.

    Happy Birthday! Nice silver score and I like the comic book too! My kids run faster than me so they get to the coinstar before I do. I'm teaching them young!
  8. 🥇 BANNER January 2019 second gold coin from 13xx

    That's a beautiful coin. I'd soil my shorts if I dug a gold coin that old!
  9. Decatur Point

    Very nice piece. I does have amazing flaking.
  10. Another Civil War button

    Great little button. Nice find!
  11. Found a button. Need help with ID.

    Excellent button!!
  12. I want my gold!!!!

    I want your gold too! So when you find it send it on over :laughing7:
  13. Need help identifying

    My first though is its a button with a steel back, which is why its encrusted in rust. I'd just pick at the rust or soak a bit in water to loosen the rust. A hammer/chisel might cause damage so I would use wood or plastic to pick at it. Post picks when you get it out of that rust! I hope its...
  14. Eyeballed A Gold Ring In The Black Sand....

    Great find to start '19!
  15. 🥇 BANNER IT HAPPENED! 2018 Out with a Bang CS Tongue&Wreath

    Congrats! Those are some great finds.
  16. Mystery German coin? Help and also a 1722 silver 1 Kreuzer!!

    Nice finds! I love that kreuzer. Not sure if the other is a coin, but it could be. I would expect to see some letters/numbers on the back.
  17. A Real Keeper

    Great finds. Love that lock an brooch!
  18. sunken Manila galleons 1575-1806

    Mal - I've enjoyed reading the posts from you that I have come across on here. You have provided good facts. Don't let one bad apple on here spoil the bunch! There is a lot of interesting history and many shipwrecks to be found. Theories can be made with the information that is available, but...