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  1. Couple cashiers on my side

    got a 1964 quarter and a 1962 dime from the local gas station. as well as numerous foreign coins
  2. Teaching the little one to look for color

    Me and my tail 3 1/2 y.o. daughter as she has been called by my wife went to the bank a couple days ago an got 1 box dimes 2 boxes of pennies while going thru the dimes (clear wrapped) I showed her to look for the all white color. I would find one then tell her heres one an let her find it...
  3. Got a 40% from gas station tonight, and lost a family member tonight.

    Mav sorry to hear about the brother in law, my condolences to your family
  4. Friday is gonna be a $1000 BUY day....what to buy?

    halves and old odd coins first, then dimes then nickles then pennies then quarters. In that order
  5. No Date Buffalo Nickles

    so I am in a bit of confusion, a dateless buffalo is worth .05 cents a fellow came into my shop the other day with this acid in a bottle called Nic-a-Date and a toothpick wanting me to put it on my dateless buffalos to try to raise a date off of it. he even demonstrated it in front of me and...
  6. Amazing find

    my nickle boxes usually average 1-3 war nickles per box. Did find a Buffalo in the last box of nickles i searched thru though.
  7. Huge, Busy Hunt Today with Extremely Modest Results...

    you made roughly 1% on your cash today. Any day to add to the stack is a god day imo.
  8. CRH for Pennies, am I thinking correctly or no?

    While sorting PENNIES!!! I will make an additional pile of the 82's then ping them off of a wooden table so that I can hear the sweet ping of copper or the dull clunk of zinc. These can also be weighed on a digital scale to be more accurate if you choose to. A precious metal is just that a...
  9. those damn buffaloes.

    if you must acid them know exactly where the date is at on the coin. I have seen many where they get the acid over half the coin face. On a side not a fellow brought in a full set of buffalos and asked if I would give 15 bucks for them.... couldnt get the money out of my pocket quick enough.
  10. Need real encouragement.

    need some encouragement?? read my sig. Its a hobby my friend not a sure fire get rich quick scheme.
  11. This years goals please add yours!!

    Anything on the positive side from what i currently hold.
  12. Application for Coinstar club

    i wonder if they would remove you from the store for patting the machine down because im not a bashful individual
  13. Application for Coinstar club

    While being separated from the wife in walmart and 3 trips around the store I was back up front by the bathrooms an happened to look in the reject tray of the Coinstar machine. I spied 3 coins an I immediately grabbed them. A crusty penny, a canadian nickle and a 1959 roosevelt dime. Me being...
  14. Sabattical

    FT checking Fee Bay looks like the pandas are running 45-48 dollars per coin with free shipping. 2013's are available also. Enjoy yourself, have fun and be safe. Go get your feet washed, its a great massage an regardless of what others say you dont have to get a happy ending. I remember it...
  15. Sabattical

    gei wo bai juo bai juo = beer huang juo = whiskey / rice wine be easy on me my pu tong hua is poor
  16. Sabattical

    FT you will have a blast, what city are you going to or is it a multiple city trip down the yangtze river?? When are you going?? take pleanty of entertainment and snacks as it is a 13.5 hour flight. I lived in Chongqing for 2 years. (was Chungking) during WWII and General George Stillwells and...
  17. War Nickels

    I dont think it is illegal to melt down silver coins
  18. Maybe a dumb question

    I view nickles like i do copper cents, per coinflation Nickel $8.3113/lb = .053 per nickle which means that the nickle coin is actually worth more than a nickle in metal value. IMO I look to see nickle to continue to rise. Pro's vs cons 1 nickle vs 5 copper cents. 1 nickle = .05345 / 5...
  19. The LCS

    I will be taking it over on Monday. Made my first deal last monday. picked up little less than 47 oz in random coins Morgans - war nickles for a bit over 1K. Non silver coins were indian head cents, canadian cents, V nickles and 2 set books of cent coins that I was unable to complete a whole...