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  1. At what point would you use a 6" coil? Nox 800

    Try adjusting your Iron Bias. Run it High for an hour, then run it low for an hour over the same area.
  2. Should I ????

    Admission: I actually tumble a lot of the coins I dig. This one was in terrible shape until I tumbled it for several hours. If you are keeping them, it really doesn't matter IMO. :skullflag:
  3. Tesoro followers

    Tesoro has had a "cult following," for 20-years! Many of us still use our Tesoro machines now and then. I know a fella in Pennsylvania, that likes his Compadre, more than his Equinox 600. Tesoro machines will be around for years to come.:headbang:
  4. WTB: Trying to locate a Bandido II uMax, Vaquero or Mojave

    The Diablo, is an excellent machine. Yes, the setup is along the lines of their tech 30-years ago. Tesoro Timeline 1975 Bounty Hunter - TR500 1976 C & G (Crum & Gifford) - Bobcat; Lynx; Wildcat 1977- Bounty Hunter - Red Baron 1978 Fisher - 551; 552 1979 Bounty Hunter - Rustler; Raider 1980...
  5. Platinum ring VDI

    The three-gram platinum ring I just found came in at 20, on the Simplex. Like gold, size matters. Best of luck!:skullflag:
  6. Ferrocheck on the notka makro legend detector

    Not an uncommon marketing technique. They are stealing a page from Minelab's playbook. Building speculation, creating conversation and interest. Dilek just released a short video at 4am EST this morning, saying they have kicked up the warranty from two, to three-years. Mine should arrive...
  7. Choosing a set of metal detectors.

    Whites GMT Minelab GPX 4000 Minelab Goldmonster 1000 Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer Fisher Goldbug Pro Pinpointers are useless for small pickers. Good Luck! :headbang:
  8. Restored Gold Rush Knife

    Love it!:hello2:
  9. Nokta Legend

    I disagree. The machine offers more than the Equinox 800, at the price of the Equinox 600. Waterproof; Vibration; underwater light; Two-Simultaneous Multi frequency settings; Five - Single freq settings; I think it will blow the Minelab Equinox out of the water...
  10. I am Going to Receive One of the First Legend Machines!

    Got an email from Dilek, that as soon as they start shipping I'll be one of the first to get one. I am SUPER Stoked! Just want to remind everyone I am giving away a Nokta Pulsedive right now!
  11. Deus stolen

    Rat Bastard!:censored:
  12. What Will Metal Detecting Be Like 20 Years From Now ???

    I'll be dead. The hobby will never die. Technology will will be so advanced, that there WILL be Gold Only machines, costing about the same as a Minelab GPZ7000 (in todays prices).
  13. I’m thinking of upgrading from a 540 Vanquish to a 600 Equinox. Is the difference worth it?

    Wait for the Nokta Legend, you'll thank me!:skullflag:
  14. Gold, Gold Prospectors & Miners

  15. Advice on getting a true Pi detector

    Look at the Minelab GPX 4000; GP 3000; SDC 2300; Whites TDI; Garrett ATX
  16. question about discrimination adjustment on analog detectors

    Back in the day, 1970s- early 1980s, I dug everything. With the Garrett, I was looking for silver coins and rings using high disc. With the C&G Wildcat I hunted gold nuggets, no discrimination.