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  1. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    And since he published it, the tax man cometh!
  2. Iron Arrow Point

    Here's the local one I have in my tiny collection. From nearby Pennsylvania.
  3. Stupid is as stupid does

    Well, I also gave some money to an orphanage in Africa I have supported for over 10 years now, and delivered gifts for the local VA residents. And sucked up to my cats.
  4. Stupid is as stupid does

    You can hide money in the cat box. Then forget its there and throw it away. har har har
  5. Stupid is as stupid does

    So this dumb cat just ordered an XP Deus II. No particular reason. Just a little bored. It will be a kazillion years before it gets here. AND I certainly don't need one. But I did it anyway....
  6. Iron Arrow Point

    I'll try to get a pic of the one iron point found locally here. It is way different. Cat had major surgery and I am cat-sitting the last few days.
  7. Surely it’s not what it looks like

    It may be a Paleo Bi-Lo point. I think that's the name. Same age as Clovis but they are tiny, I found one in quartz locally 40 years ago.
  8. Equinox or Deus 2

    I haven't been out in four months. No one to go with now.
  9. Equinox or Deus 2

    The Deus ignores EMI. I found two of my Civil War buckles right under power lines or under an electric fence, in one case with the Deus when the Minelab folks couldn't detect. That one day the one guy got really mad at me because he couldn't detect in that one spot. And the updates are not...
  10. Are dug coins key dates worth anything?

    The overall answer is yes, but there are a thousand things that go into coin valuation on dug items. An 1872 Indian cent with corrosion is worth something while the 1939-D jeff, not so much, so its relative to what it is, the aesthetics of the coin and who wants to buy one.
  11. Equinox or Deus 2

    Please do give your opinion on the new machine. When are they supposed to be available? I seriously haven't been out for 4 months now.
  12. Equinox or Deus 2

    I can't swing an equinox due to the ergonomics, so it's game over for them. Getting old isn't for sissies. My current Deus is quite adequate for what I do and unless I find some more folks to dig with I won't be buying anything else. Anything else.
  13. Unusual Clad Find Has Me Stumped

    Someone was bored.
  14. Red crystals, please help identify

    Agreed. They are (most likely) almandine garnets in matrix. Nice stuff there.
  15. CSA Gold Cache Found--10,000 years ago in La Brea

    Yeah, I saw that. They have nowhere to go with a plot on that show. It is quite lame.
  16. Detectorist Digging Without Permission

    Dumb arse is correct.
  17. Suicided Groundhog

    Welcome. Probably a very old one or one that had something else wrong with it as it couldn't gnaw stuff.
  18. My family’s on lockdown

    Well, they ran out so it will be tomorrow. And guys why all the hair pulling out, clothes renting, putting on sack cloth and ashes FEAR out there? And I am not referring to this website. Perfect love drives out all fear. You know who said that? Anyway, caution, yes, abject fear, no.
  19. Three crotal bells from a mid-1700's home

    Nice find. Probably the bronze type and late 18th to early 19th century. Some later ones were silver plated.
  20. My family’s on lockdown

    Well, you're now several days into it. Hope it blows away like the wind. I am getting my booster shot in 2 hours. No issues at all with the first six months ago.