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  1. Treasure hunter finds Loot

    Wanted to share this
  2. Help Raccoon problem

    I have been helping My Daughter with rent here in Ann Arbor 1,400 per month. She has a new Baby so I bought her a double wide mobile home,the amount it would cost for a years rent.almost the same sq ft as my Home now she just has to pay lot rent 700 per month and can feel good that she is...
  3. Inovio

    DNA vaccine with memory response no cold storage watch this make me rich in the next week.Plus their cancer treatment 98 percent success after 18 months Boom Baby in long and heavy..........
  4. Inovio Stock Watch this for ER Booooooom

    Watch this one for Tuesday gains
  5. Nio Stock

    Watch this stock this week and long term Boooooom its at 13.22 watch what it is on wednesday this is the time to rip into the stock market quick flips
  6. Treasure Hunt check this out

    Good way to make money . Got to wonder if there is a treasure or a copycat trying to get wealthy and no one finds it Hmmmmm I tried to post the link guess it didnt work Sorry, but in My towns online paper Theres a Jewelry store owner who just retired and wants to start a treasure hunt...
  7. Old newspapers

    old maps
  8. NGC Graded 1916 Quarter I think ????? Help

    I just recived this in my inbox from NGC NGC Cert #2102197-001NGC Description1916 STANDING 25CNGC Grade ILLEGIBLE DATE Label I had a Standing Liberty quater I figured its worth it to try to find out if it was the 1916 or the 1917. I stated...
  9. Silver prices 12.50 per ounce how come you cant buy at that price

    Dumb question I suppose cause once this is over they will go right back up so why put the price at 12.50 and 1 ounce bars are still the same price online.
  10. Got my West point Quarters Graded

    I bought some of the West point quarters as they first came out and I tried to buiy from someone who had more than 1 for sale. My thinking was if they had more than 1 odds are they found a bunch in a new roll and not just 1 in circulation so I hoped they were in better condition. I just Joined...
  11. Most users ever online was 16,224, May 25, 2019 at 05:31 AM.

    I see at times theres like 180 members online. Wonder what was going on that day.and at 530 am maybe someone claimed to have finally found the lost Dutchman mine.
  12. Ann Arbor

    Anyone have any old maps of Ann Arbor or surrounding areas Im running out of hunting spots Thanks Tommy
  13. When to expect the new quarters

    Just curious they (the 2020)were supposed to go out on the 6th is it to early to start looking or does it take a month or so .I saw with the Ws people who had hundreds of em on feebay wazupwhiddat makes me wonder if they work at Loomis Even one roll would be a great payday
  14. West point quarters Question

    I have tried but could not find any W quarters so Im buying all 5 MS66 grade I have the Texas The Guam and the Lowell I got theses for about 40.00 dollars each. Why are the last 2 twice as much they made the same amount of those as the others is it because they are the more recently released...
  15. I have to

    GO BLUE Michigan Wolverines Thats right!!!!!!
  16. Found this today...

    Been busy working 3 jobs getting My Daughters through College haven't detected but 5 or 6 times this year Found this today star note just curious if you think it's worth trying to sell or not I know the star note was used to keep the serial number going in case of a bad print but dont know which...
  17. Silver

    With silver being used as a conductor for many devices phones. Electronics and considering all the silver being thrown away every day does anyone see silver going up in 10 years from now.I like buying the 1 oz bars for the Kids when they get older I know no one knows for sure I was wondering if...
  18. Help need a recommendation for a good book for coin errors

    Anyone suggest a good book to get to learn what coin errors to look for, and Bills Thanks in advance Tommy
  19. Coil cover

    Am I the only one who doesn't like using them I've been detecting for years and I feel like I might be losing depth or the times you get debris in there it seems like you would have to clean it all the time if you left it on for long enough it then could erode your coil from dirt and moisture I...
  20. Need help

    So let's say you buy 10 ounces of coins 90 percent silver and spot is 18 per ounce do you get less because it's only 90 percent? do they buy at melt because they have to melt it refine it for pure silver sorry I know this is complicated but my brain is also lol If I buy 10 ounces in silver bars...