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  1. Ranch Revisited - 8 Years Later with Equinox 800

    There is a small 15 acre ranch right down the road from me (less than a mile) that I detected pretty hard 8 years ago. There was one corner area loaded with iron that I avoided. I decided to go back with a new machine (Equinox 800) and a positive attitude aided by the fact that this place is...
  2. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    It took almost 40 years but I finally found a US minted gold coin. I put my small coil on the Equinox 800 with the intention of working an area that is laden with square nails, deteriorating cans and junk. Never got there. As I was crossing a dry creek I got a solid 20 on the VDI and thought...
  3. Coin Purse

    While detecting deep in the woods I found a purse bar along with 5 dirt encrusted items all in the same hole. I pulled them all out and was totally expecting to find a nice assortment of gold rush era coins when I cleaned them up. This was my first ever coin purse and it was about 8 inches deep...
  4. 1930's Hubley Cast Iron Crash Car

    Found this hunk of iron the other day. Still working on cleaning it up ... color is coming back after a nice citric acid bath. I was looking for old iron tools so this was a bonus.
  5. Dog related display

    I can't say these are my best finds but I've always thrown dog licenses and related stuff in a separate box and promptly forgot about them. Must have 100 or so licenses from the last 30 years. Anyway, dug through the box and put together a small display of dog related stuff. Oldest dog license...
  6. Buckle Broach ??

    Not sure what this was. Maybe part of a buckle made into broach? Does the design mean anything? No idea on age either? 3 3/8 by 2 1/2 inches. Brass construction with emblem in front possibly being white brass. Emblem held on in back by small wood pins. Edge is beveled. Wondering if it's...
  7. Lake bottom Karma

    Our lakes and reservoirs are at historic lows so we've been detecting what would normally be underwater. This stainless steel chain had a lot of cheap bling on it (just one silver item). I'm not sure what he/she was trying to portray. Must of lost it a tumble while water skiing. A bad day to...
  8. Two Seated Coins in Woods

    Got lucky yesterday afternoon and found two old silvers in the woods. Not in the best of shape but the day certainly exceeded my expectations! I love that feeling of finding something good.
  9. A Cruel Joke!

    I find these all the time but not with this name.
  10. Trade weight or something else?

    Found this in a gold camp area where I've been digging stuff from mid 1800's to early 1900's. It's diameter is 2 3/4 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds. I thought it was a 1 pound counterbalancing (1 pound) weight at first but it has a lip on it so that doesn't make any sense. :icon_scratch...
  11. Barber dime amid the junk

    Lots of old stuff in field but hadn't found a coin yet. Finally found one yesterday. :occasion14:I carry a 5 gallon bucket with me for the heavy iron and other junk.
  12. Gun part ??

    Looks like a trigger but for what?? Left with property owner so only picture I have. He thinks it's from a lever action rifle. Made of steel. Found in field with mostly late 1800's early 1900's "treasures".
  13. 1850's Site Yields Dog of a Find

    In among the 30 pounds of spikes, giant bolts, square nails and great sounding shell casings I found what I thought was a medallion or buckle with an eagle on it. I did find a beat up button with an eagle. Pretty common find at old gold rush areas. My "eagle wings" transformed into dog ears...
  14. Toasted and roasted seated half

    This was my 34th seated coin I've found. Glad they all don't look like this! Not a newly burned out area. Fire must have happened a long time ago.
  15. Benchmade Pocket Knife

    Did a 3 hour hunt at local park and was thrilled to come up with a 67 (40% silver) half dollar deep target. Found a pocket knife as well and didn't think much about it at the time since I find a lot of cheap pocket knives. However, upon review when I got back home I discovered this wasn't your...
  16. Gold rush site yields WW1 relic

    When out for a couple of hours the other day near a gold rush era site and found the usual stuff: musket ball pick- axe Chinese opium tin old button memorial penny (Ha!) All fun stuff. While cleaning out the junk section of pouch I looked more closely at a clip thingy and thought I saw some...
  17. Chinese opium tin

    Always happy to find an intact opium tin lid. The sheet brass is so brittle that I usually just find pieces. Found this one the other day and I'm wondering if anyone can identify the brand. Also, I thought these came in standard sizes. This one is a little smaller than others I've found. I've...
  18. Eagle and Shield

    My buddy found this at a garage sale for a buck. Solid brass and weighs about two pounds. He gave to me because the design looks similar to that found on gold rush buckles and on the back of coins we all like to find. :hello2: Anyone ever see anything like this before?
  19. Eagle Buckle Tongue

    Finally found one of these intact. I've got lots of pieces I've found over time. No coins but this made my day! :icon_thumleft: I'll have to go back to the site with a smaller coil. Loaded with deteriorating tin cans.
  20. Gold Rush Forest Finds

    Here are a few finds dug while I was wandering about the forest. The women's buckle is pretty ornate. Never found one like it before. The small brass comb is a first for me as well. Maybe a beard or mustache comb. Not sure about the age of the sickle. Cleaned the rust off it with a flap disc...