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  1. Simplex+ vs Nokta Pointer

    They don't get along! The interference of their Nokta pinpointer, when in use with the Simplex+, is very ANNOYING...! Sure, I can turn off the sound on my machine, but I'd love it if they wouldn't compete for attention....! I wrote to Nokta Makro and told them my problem, and hoped that they...
  2. Rifle Butt Plate and shell found....

    This rifle butt plate was found about 8ft apart. I wonder if these two relics were made for each other...! :laughing7: The Shell is a WRA Co 40-60 MAR.....but, it seems as though Marlin never produced these shells, but WRA Winchester wanted to provide ammo for the 1881 rifle The Butt Plate is...
  3. Andre' Pencils

    How would you suggest I sharpen my "Brillo-pad-like" Pencil...? Use a rotary or standard pencil sharpener, or a pocket knife....????
  4. Help! Need to i.d. this Revolver !

    My son used this borrowed revolver during a drama, and was wondering about it more. He said maybe US Calvary...?? Didn't know the caliber, but he's sure ammo for it is unavailable....! He'd share the info with the owner..... Thanks for any help!
  5. Just what the doctor hoarded! Medic finds Civil War coins worth ?51,000

    Just what the doctor hoarded! Medic finds Civil War* coins worth ?51,000 buried in his garden... and hands them to a museum! *A different kind/version of a Civil War, folks...
  6. Vinyl Buttons Help A Lot!

    Thru an idea T net member Gare has, of putting button enhancers on the Simplex pad, so one could navigate to the button you wanted, by feel, basically, but always with a positive push, not the fumbling I make, with gloves on...! And some of us are arthritic, so that should help too....! I used...
  7. Wired headphones adapter

    Just hooked up a 1/4"wired headphones adapter to my Simplex. Boy, such a difference in sound adjustment, too...! I will use my wired phones this summer, because I can wear a broad-brimmed hat, AND that I'm now able to hear outside noises, as well as my machine...! I want to be able to react to...
  8. The John de Bry Collection

    This is not in the news right now, but this site has some INCREDIBLE photos of treasure from famous wrecks.... Enjoy! A feast for sore eyes...! (weird saying, eh?)
  9. Just wondering

    Does any Simplex user out there, find where their machine doesn't hear/see a cut nail...?!?! What am I doing wrong??? I have used all but the Beach Mode, to locate a cut nail, that's directly under my coil. I thought that "All-Metal" Mode would certainly find it - nope...! I checked the Iron...
  10. I admit - I'm ADDICTED to Metal Detecting...!

    Folks, I must admit, that I'm addicted to Metal Detecting...! I've searched for cures..., but the only remedy seems to be MORE metal detecting...! (There isn't a MD Annonimus version of the AA in town, either...!) After I retired, I became in love with the hobby. And, it was the true and...
  11. Teenagers find 'treasure' trove of 1,100-year-old coins in Israel

    Another bit with photos and video. Lucky "shovel bums"...!
  12. Help! My Nokta Pointer doesn't work well

    Does anyone have the best place to have my Nokta Pointer fixed...? The sensitivity is shot..., hardly finds my trowel...! State-side location is best, rather sending it to the place in Turkey...! Thanks!
  13. Underwater Robot Discovers Treasure-Laden “Holy Grail of Shipwrecks...”

    What's the name?....its SECRET...! :icon_scratch: ....but, read on, it gets really neat!
  14. Let's let a USER of the Cibola, babble on and on.....

    Guys, I'm admitting to the fact that I hunt mostly parks, with my trusty CIBOLA...! And, I use tones, primarily.... I love the machine for its simplicity - it's almost a Turn-On-And-GO machine, isn't it? Tough also...!~ ....did I mention, Lite-Weight, as well...? And, not to mention..., HOT...
  15. Saw Medallion Reference Guide link

    Seems like a good source to key-out any finds of this nature. A collectable, for sure - Saw Medallion Reference Guide
  16. Old news, but great photos of Saddle Ridge Hoard

    So, how many tin cans, you swept your coil over, that might have held a treasure inside...??
  17. A Metal Detector Enthusiast Discovers An Ancient Buried Chain, And His Instinct Tells

    A real cool article about this pretty incredible Find that this detectorist dug~REAL Treasure...!! ...lots of pics, too...!
  18. Florida man finds trove of valuable treasures from 1715 shipwreck

    Super short video showing some coins and story. Watch and see if you don't agree with his own position on the finds
  19. The largest hoard of Viking silver was found accidentally while filming a news report

    this is oldish news, but this article, has lots of photos and text - enjoy!
  20. WOW Women of Woodcraft Token

    Recently donated this token to our museum, in this (attached photo) display. I found an image online, of the token in the token collector's catalogue - but it really part of a three-piece Delegate's Badge for the organization.... I could/ should have said more - about the organization, maybe...