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  1. Fisher 1266X help

  2. 🙋 WANTED WTB fisher 1266 x or 1265 x

    Gents looking for 1266 or 1265 thats in good working condition must run good with good battery box, does not need to be good looking:laughing7: just working good and cheap.Thanks jwm45

    WELL GENTS here we are again made another year lets thank the Lord for the blessings of life.:hello2:
  4. For Sale Antique German ERN Straight Razors Collection set

    Selling this rare ERN German gold incrusted 3/4 blade collection.This is a set made in Solingen,Germany around the 50's .The razors are for each day of week and are marked and have never been used .They are straight from the factory and have not been sharpen.This are very rare to find and are...
  5. Drift wood art

    Drift art on mahogany wood will sell each item for $ 25 each.For details contact me at
  6. Best Elvis Presley L P album no.1254 by RCA

    Selling the best Elvis Presley album made from the 50's with 12 songs.The is a RCA LPM-1254 ITS A REAL collectors item.Its in excellent shape.Will sell for $ 25 which includes shipping.For
  7. 143 songs of Elvis memorabilia in cassette tapes -

    Will take $40for this collection and includes shipping.
  8. 143 songs of Elvis memorabilia in cassette tapes -

    Will take $40 for this great collection that includes shipping.

  10. 💵 FOR SALE Selling like new Fisher 11" x 7" D.D.coil.

    Gents, I am selling this like new Fisher 11" x 7'' D.D.coil which will fit a F-75/F-70/ and Teknetics Patriot detectors.Has screw on connections and works perfect.Selling at a very resonable price of $72 shipped .Thank you--William
  11. Vintage Detectors and Accessories

    Do have any good working 1265 x or 1266 x detectors?If so any pictures/Thank you------william
  12. 💵 FOR SALE For Sale pristine Fisher Coils for F-2 and F-4 detectors.

    GENTS: Selling this excellent 4"shooter and 10"deep coil for Fishers F-2 /F-4/will fit 5.59 khz Teknetics detectors.Coils have screw on connections.Will sell for $59 shipped.Can do P.P. OR M.O.For details contact me
  13. ❎ SOLD For Sale New Garrett pro pointer with warranty card

    OK fredy here is my address William mccrary, 501 brooks road,Victoria,Texas.77904-1468.Send me your address so I can package it.Thank you.