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  1. Fish pics ( everybody )

    ... it’s why I like room temp beer the best, warm up your hands with a pork chop and while letting feed tractor warm up. Npike and perch yes. I have a “find my” on my phone. The pics that are used are best I’ve seen. I look at all the time when out looking for camps along ridge lines...
  2. Stone Projectiles

    ...neat stuff. What is there weight and rough diameter plz?
  3. Fish pics ( everybody )

  4. Fish pics ( everybody )

    .. yesterdays lake Mac walleyes. Was 70 above and no wind. Some years we get to ice fish the week after thanksgiving..
  5. What in Sam Hill are these?????

    .... if you get some measurements it will be easier to tell..
  6. Slim pickin's for me this year

    ....... B R 5 4 9 .. I never had a dropped call with smoke signals. Life was so simple before computers...
  7. WNC Pottery shards

    ...I think that is cord-marked-pottery. Keep going to that area and find more. As far as naming a people’s to it, I find that same style of fired pottery 1000-1500? miles from you. It was a way the first people made there wares, at that time...
  8. ~A favorite~

  9. ~A favorite~

  10. ~A favorite~

  11. What in Sam Hill are these?????

    ... check valve ball from a water wells cylinder.. Please use calipers and a scale and report back you findings plz...
  12. Deus stolen

    ...with lead in there forehead...
  13. Spherical club head?

    .... I think it’s natural... It is broke like a maul will but the groove doesn’t look right, there some over hang. I like though, and would have packed it home too..
  14. A few Native American Artifacts, Calavarite & Silverite (Telluride)

    ... all are natural rock specimens unmodified by mans hand. As far as lead, silver and gold? IDK, I hope so....
  15. Surely it’s not what it looks like

    ... Its so small it reminds me of a midland with thinning scars more than a fluted piece.. Whatever is the consensus, I like it a lot..
  16. ✅ SOLVED Brass clip thingy

    ..I’d bet the cloth part was completely worn out, thrown away and survived a fire along the way. I’m not afraid to admit that I have worn bibs my whole life. My grandpa said he did because that’s all there was, I do because they are the most comfortable. No plumbers crack, no pot gut hanging out...
  17. ✅ SOLVED Brass clip thingy

    ....I think Rebel answer is correct...
  18. ✅ SOLVED Brass clip thingy

    ...Key brand I’m wearing today. Edit.. I think yours is an older version but the same. I think the Oshgosh brand is no more..
  19. ✅ SOLVED Brass clip thingy

    … I think it looks more like a bib overalls clip…
  20. The mature stoner: why are so many seniors smoking weed?

    …I know simple. Smoking has made my lungs tender. Now that I dab only, I’ve lost that smokers cough that smokers have. I dont cough at all with my rig and not smelling like a blunt ashtray is nice.