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  1. Lindy Hop - Hellzapoppin (1941)

  2. Uptown Funk with Golden Age Movie Dancers

  3. Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

  4. Lake Street Dive ~ Nobody Knows

  5. Vietnam Vet Loses Purple Heart Medal—Good Samaritan Finds It 38 Years Later

    Vietnam Vet Loses Purple Heart Medal—Until Good Samaritan Finds It 38 Years Later, Tracks Him Down By Michael Wing November 2, 2021 Updated: November 2, 2021 biggersmaller Print For 71-year-old Georgia resident Gus Allbritton, surviving the Vietnam War was something of a miracle, as he was...
  6. Polyphia

  7. Priceless cache of 6,000 15th-century coins found in foundation of farmhouse

    More than 6,000 silver coins from the late Middle Ages were discovered during a renovation project on a farm in the village of Rainbach, Upper Austria. The silver coins, which were handed over to the OÖ Lande-Kultur GmbH museum in Upper Austria, also known as Linz Schlossmuseum, “were wrapped...
  8. Scale the Summit ~ Live Music

  9. Hank III ~ Crazed Country Rebel

  10. Amy Winehouse ~ Back to Black

  11. Hank Williams III ~ Cecil Brown

  12. Hank Williams III ~ Low Down

  13. Fred Eaglesmith ~ I Shot Your Dog

  14. silversun pickups ~ panic switch

  15. Stereophonics ~ Maybe Tomorrow

  16. Sunshine Superman ~ Iggy Pop

  17. Some Friday Night Blues

    Shotgun Blues - Kenny Wade Shepherd Band
  18. Dark City (1950)

    She Who Must Be Obeyed and I watched Dark City last night, a movie from 1950. This was the first big screen appearance of Charlton Heston, who plays a brooding gambler down on his luck. Also in the movie are Jack Webb, playing a two-bit criminal gambler, and Harry Morgan as a smiling sidekick...
  19. Some modern Southern Rock - Jason Isbell