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  1. Axioms

    Any body ever figure out that axiom thread?I forgot where it was located,but think it was here in general discussion.,now I can,t find it.
  2. Lower Arkansas River

    I live in S.E.Arkansas near the Arkansas River.I,ve read of Flour gold in the upper reaches of the River and was wondering if you prospectors think any of that gold could wash all the way down here.In spring high water the current runs pretty fast.I,ve seen what I think is black sand mixed in...
  3. White River

    I,ve been reading a book"Steamboats and ferries on White River"that has some really interesting history on early steamboat use there.Also has a chapter on the civil war and steamboat battles and uses during the war.Most of the info is of the upper river above St.Charles.Also references a battle...
  4. I miss Tabdog!

    Havn,t been on here long and I,m still working on getting a detector so I can get out and hunt,but I really enjoyed Tabdogs posts,informative and in peace tab!Jim.
  5. Arkansas Newbie

    Hi ya,ll,man I really like this site!Lots of info and tips.Lots of topics to peruse and friendly folks too.I,m In S.E.Arkansas,a small town called Dumas,not to be confused with Dumas,Texas no diss intended.I don,t have a detector yet saving up to get one and I can,t wait,got my eye on a Garrett...