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  1. Wood Soldiers

    Enjoy them this time of year in NY
  2. October is Fire Prevention Monrh

    Please take a few moments to check that your smoke and CO2 detectors are working properly. Last year our CO2 alarm in the basement went off and we called 911. We were told to evacuate our house and went to the car..To hear the fire district siren go off knowing that help is on its way was...
  3. Growing Lemons in N.Y.

    Our Meyers lemon plant from Florida is finally greeting us with lemons this NY It’s very challenging for us here as they prefer a different growing zone..
  4. Picked a few pears from our tree

    We get a lot of pears and although they taste great the skins don’t look like the pears from the market We don’t spray could that be the problem
  5. 🥇 BANNER My Best Water Hunt 1804 AN12 A Napoleon Bonaparte Gold Coin Encircled in 14k Pendant

    Charged the Excal2 and said although I have so many chores to do home I have to try again and go back for the sixth time.. This hunt started different with the first target a small medal then a few coins and later this beautiful recovery.After a slow start this season my friends told me to keep...
  6. Need Help with Identification

    Found this in the water today..tried cleaning with white vinegar..baking soda and some salt and one side has a couple rings and can see A Its a small coin probably one half inch Thanks
  7. From the Garden

    Will make a nice batch of sauce
  8. Pee gee hydrangea garden

    I try to fence them as the deer enjoy eating the flowers
  9. 24 Four Leaf Clovers

    Like gold these are also elusive..I don?t give up because I know that they are out there somewhere
  10. Beautiful Plumeria Flowers

    Our plumeria plant from Hawaii flowered for the first time today..It?s such a beautiful sight to see
  11. Good Luck 4 Leaf Clover

    Good Luck stung me today I hope..They are hard to find for sure...
  12. Ashokan Reservoir

    This 8315 acre reservoir is located in Ulster County NY..We have a row boat there and it?s stocked with rainbow and brown trout..Getting out there at sunrise is so so beautiful..
  13. Kousa Dogwood

    Seems the flowers are early and vibrant this year
  14. Some nice driveway plants

    Cypress..variegated willows..barberry..walkers low among others line the driveway
  15. Saw this on the screen door

    I think perhaps it may be a click beetle
  16. Large pine tree

    Years ago I bought five three foot pine trees from a local nursery and loaded them into the car...Time goes by so quickly and the large tree in the picture is one of them today..
  17. Blueberries

    Blueberries are doing good so far I have to figure out a way to keep the bird?s away In the past I tried netting but I just can?t seem to apply it properly
  18. Beauty Bush

    Beautiful pink flowers in Spring
  19. Peony

    Beautiful fluffy fragrant flowers
  20. Walkers Low

    This variety of catmint produces nice blooms and the hummingbirds love them