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  1. War of 1812 button and a few other great items from the new farm

    After about 1720 they have a wire shank and when missing it leaves 2 points. Prior to that it's said it's the style of shank that is on your button. I have a couple of friends who have found these early types in French settled areas and also there's some posts on here somewhere from someone in...
  2. War of 1812 button and a few other great items from the new farm

    The difference is the shank. Supposedly the early ones had that type of shank but the problem is some British buttons look similar from the face. That's why I asked if any early French finds were dug there. I would probably discount it as being French marines unless something changes. It...
  3. War of 1812 button and a few other great items from the new farm

    Your other button may be an early type French Marines. 1600s/early 1700s. Did you find anything French on the site?
  4. Ball field George II copper? (ID help please)and gold ring, scout camp Tiger slide and clad

    Agree a Hibernia. 1760 has a different bust so pre 1760.
  5. Rev War no more but it's old and gold

    There was plenty of mid. 1800s activity close by so it's very possible it dates mid. 1800s but the exact little site I found it was all earlier stuff. Basically just buttons.
  6. Rev War no more but it's old and gold

    For many years my best finds for the year would usually be Rev War buttons and I wondered how things would go if the tap was ever turned off, and I'm kind of finding out now as it's down to a drip. The answer seems to be I would still find good stuff, just different, and here is a great example...
  7. Near a 20 year chase and it's over

    Near a 20 year chase and it's over and who would have thought, all a person has to do is go to the right sites and swing over the right targets! My first finds post for the new updated T-net and for my fall season, the better stuff dug over the last 3 weeks. This is a nice coat and cuff...
  8. 🥇 BANNER 80 early copper coins cache.

    Amazing find and well deserved banner! Instant collection!
  9. Picked Up Tice's Dating Buttons Book

    But you have 3 Banner finds. :love5:
  10. Picked Up Tice's Dating Buttons Book

    I bought one when it was released and like Steve says these days they don't tend to be cheap when you find them.
  11. Huh... Well this was unexpected!

    Not exactly what I expected! :)
  12. 1700s Conder Token?
  13. Old coin possible ID?

    It's a jeton. Probably 18th century.
  14. Holy moly Know one is going to believe this!

    Modern cast fake. Good story though.
  15. Old coin or junk?

    What does it weigh?
  16. Need Help ID'ing a Coin

    May be a Rosa Americana Halfpenny.
  17. New Deus XP just came in

    Have patience. There's a lot of info. in the audio but it takes a while to understand it well.
  18. ✅ SOLVED Real or a fake?

    Nothing looks fake about that Jeton.
  19. Today's ID of Rare Button from 2018

    Walked through a site at the top of the field but wanted to see if there was anything at the bottom. Didn't find anything but got the button on the way down. It is funny how it goes, you can dig a few hundred targets in a day and not get much but dig one and it be a good keeper.