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  1. Pathological Science.

    pathological science - The Skeptic's Dictionary - pathological science "Pathological science" is a term coined by Nobel-laureate in chemistry Irving LangmuirIrving Langmuir in a presentation he made at General Electric's Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory a few years before his death...
  2. Today's hunting with a guest just starting out.

    We started by peeking in a closed public buildings doors to see a memorial to a local detectorist. Then on to a low target field to get orientated. After working out ground balance and pinpointing ,it was on to depth and target type ranges. Once target i.d. on solid targets became slightly...
  3. Part of old match case.

    Recovered last week. Found to be more interesting than being just trash today when cleaning out recovery pouch and washing it off.
  4. Peralta stone duplications?

    Peralta stone duplication's? So if the heart rests on top of the piece below it,( opinions vary if it does stand proud, or is recessed) how does the heart get fitted to finished copy of the lower "stone"? Multiple requirements to cast a heart shaped opening with a bottom partway through in a...
  5. Some trade silver information.

  6. Beautiful day to be detecting.

    Sunshine. Around seventy degrees with a slight breeze. Clayish soil still dig- able. Some clad,one little cheap ring and misc. .
  7. Tussingers Eccentrics./Oklahoma Eccentrics.

    Tussinger's Eccentrics./Oklahoma Eccentrics. Not sure if theses have been posted up here before..I did try a couple searches on the forum. Anyway ,Some very interesting work. Mr. Tussinger's Magnificent Eccentrics
  8. Marcus Tiro.

    Oldest credited short hand type of writing including the ampersand as possibly oldest symbol written. In different forms too. (Ampersand samples below.) Would have been found in any of Romes scholarly libraries it seems. Link shows symbols substituted for certain letters. Tironian notes -...
  9. Ouch! Wiener wipe out.

    Ouch! Wienermobile wipe out.
  10. Almost threw it away.

    Emptying trash pocket today of the nailpouch used on a hunt near Croton earlier this year,this what had appeared to be junk metal had writing on the side I did not look at. 1926 Chauffeurs. A first for me.
  11. Park project fresh dirt.

    Checked most of piles which yielded some clad,the equipment dug area removed enough soil to make some previously too deep coins accessible.
  12. Ace 350 Bottle cap rimming.

  13. Wizard Token?

    Dug in Michigan's lower peninsula this week. Wizard on one side. Nova Scotia with picture of sailing ship on the other. Have not found a match on google.:dontknow: Curious about approx. year of manufacture and its use.
  14. More tokens today!

    Coopers post inspired me to return to park last weeks tokens came out of. 8 clown tokens and 6 eagle tokens all within fifteen yards maybe.
  15. Tokens, Cooper got me wanting to find more!

    Three clowns last week. Two of the three at picture bottom are last years, they are showing front and rear of eagle type to confirm the backs match those with clown style fronts too,(pictured above,with one showing its backside.) Fun indeed!
  16. simple pleasures

    Varies with individuals,while we need to eat, a favorite meal or trying a new taste we enjoy can be one. Sunrise or set maybe. Often things that get us off the rat race treadmill or stress of modern living even if briefly. For me swinging a detector is one,while I may say on occasion i have to...
  17. first silver of the year.

    1935s , park hunt,nails dug out near her first,another inch deeper she would have been safe.
  18. not today but recent

    Between rain and snow days hit a couple parks,no gold or silver this year. (Yet). Hand fulls of trash and a little clad,oldest wheat in pic.1912.