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  1. Do I need a 4th Tesoro?

    Taking my Eldorado out today... Haven’t used this one for a while. It’s very similar to a Vaquero; the Vaquero actually replaced Eldorado in Tesoro’s lineup when it came out.
  2. Help me help my grandfather

    Tesoro called the 4 pin coils the Delta series, if I’m not mistaken. Those are what you want for Cibola, Vaquero or Tejon. If you have a 4 pin coil, that’s what you need to replace it with. Luckily they’re fairly common, made from about 2003 on, I think. The one pictured is the standard 9x8...
  3. Do I need a 4th Tesoro?

    Supposedly, the early Bandidos work well but I’ve never had one to try. I have used the Bandido II MicroMAX Tesoros and love ‘em. The only thing the Bandido II MicroMAX really does better than the Vaquero though, is pick things out of trashy areas - and I prefer the Bandido’s tone. The Vaquero...
  4. Tesoro Speaker opening styles.

    The round hole style was the first one used on MicroMAX Tesoros. The louver style came later - on US models, anyway. Some non-US market Tesoros appear to have used the round hole faceplates longer.
  5. Trying to get my hands on a Tesoro Golden uMax

    Just saw a super-nice factory high-tone Cibola on fleebay.. :)
  6. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    I believe that?s exactly what it was - an old one. The aluminum blob thing looks like an old slingshot handle, broken off. The area I usually detect is one of the local mountains and it?s been a snow play area for about a hundred+ years or so. I think that?s the fifth gold ring I?ve found on...
  7. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    That’s one I wouldn’t mind playing with - never bought one though.
  8. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    Don’t overpay - unless I decide to sell mine, of course. :) I really don’t know what they go for now. About a year before Tesoro shut down, I saw some going for around $200 - but that was then.
  9. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    Got ‘em both. I really like using the Tejon better - except for the extra weight (not that much extra) and its hunger for batteries. Depth on both is similar but Tejon’s really is a little better. I like the second disc circuit of the Tejon and have mine set for a coin check (when I don’t care...
  10. All of the recent uploads on Youtube about the Tejon are foreign.

    Yes, Tesoro sold ?em sometimes with different features and often with different face and side decals. Seems the French market got some of the coolest looking Tesoros of all! English market also got some interesting versions.. My favorite though, was probably the French model Bandido..
  11. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    Well, even though my oncologist says I’m not doing too well.. I got out yesterday to one of my favorite local detecting areas. It’s a small one but it’s the third gold ring I’ve dug right in that area. Maybe some chubby 5 year old lost it or it could have been an anniversary gift..? Looks...
  12. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    If I didn’t already have a Sand Shark in really nice shape, I’d be looking at an Excalibur II.
  13. anyone recogize this coil?

    I’d like that coil for my Tejon.. :)
  14. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    Thanks! One more cycle of chemo to go - starting one week from today. After that, another PET scan and checkups every three months. What a nasty ordeal it’s been. I hope I don’t have to deal with anything like this again. I just want to go detecting.. :)
  15. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    Congratulations on the house!! :)
  16. Need a headphone jack for my Tesoro Silver Sabre 2

    With the ebay buyer protection you just return it for a refund. Seller gets to eat the shipping both ways. I’ve returned two different Tesoro detectors that were described as excellent working condition - when both were junk.
  17. Compadre Wanted

    I wish him the best of luck.. ^_^
  18. I think I'm developing a mild Tesoro obsession..

    Yeah; not fun at all, digging in frozen dirt. I once tried to go detecting when it was 22F out.. man, was that dumb..
  19. Tesoro Tejon Question

    Black or gray; same detector. I prefer the concentric coil (comes on the gray) in most places, but the DD coil is somewhat less susceptible to hot rocks - though they’re easy to ID when toggling into all metal using the concentric. The DD also covers more ground per swing - but at the expense of...
  20. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    My wife actually asked me if I want to do some detecting today..! Think I’ll take the Mojave out for a couple hours. ^_^