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  1. Partial eclipse

  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Scale markers marks

    Bought a auction lot, and these 2 balance scales were included. The one with the handle has a 40lb Scale under the sliding handle. The other has pin nails, and notches in the unit. Does anyone know anything regarding the maker.
  3. The 11 month, 11 day, 11th hour

    On the 11 month, 11 day, 11th hour Take a moment in time To remember those that served So we could live I thank you
  4. NHS nurse is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after finding tiny gold bible

    Some VERY Good News: NHS nurse is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after finding tiny gold bible believed to have belonged to relative of Richard III while metal-detecting on farmland near York...
  5. 100 cannonballs at Fortress of Louisbourg might contain gunpowder, but will be safely detonated

    I just love the "Might" part of the headline. Maybe they do-maybe they don't-but what the hell lets just destroy 100 pieces of history. Here there's probably hundreds (modest guess)that have a...
  6. This looks like the end of life as we know it.

  7. Can't view a video

    When somebody posts up a video I just see a blank screen where the video is. I can see what has been written in a post-but for the actual video just a big blank space-as this example. Question: Is there a setting/permission that has been turned off? I can view videos on other...
  8. Fall colors

    I really enjoy the setting subsets of late summer/fall. Seems like they just pop over the calm waters..
  9. ✅ SOLVED Little ?

    Dug this in my field today. If it was a foot long I'd have to assume it was a shingle axe/hammer. This is 3.75 " (broken end) 5/8" wide 1/2" round head 1 1/8" wide of broken end There is no obvious hole for a handle. Any insights you may provide would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Strange bluing on this button?

    Dug this from an early site, just flat buttons, Rose head nails, glass. Never dug a button as this one, broken, but enough to show the blue. Is it an enamel or guiding? If anyone has any insight on this one please let me know.
  11. Sun Ray Probes?

    I started to think about thinning the stable. The one thing that I have is the Sun Ray probe that went on the Etrac. Having sent one in for repair yrs ago (shield on wiring issue)-then the other started to have problems as well I see the Sun Ray link say "We're back" "...
  12. Goldenrod soldier beetle

    Started to see these pollinators this year.
  13. ✅ SOLVED Age of button

    I think it?s just a general service button, a guess.(Found it again in the storage) Just wondering what age? Thanks for looking.
  14. A few childhood saves

    Most if not all were found pre 12yrs old. (50+yrs ago). Just ran across them in storage. Thought I would share, what little is left. The steel one was found up on an interior lake. Pull Ed up the boat to stretch the legs and have a look on this sandy little beach. Made my day getting to eyeball...
  15. Ouch said the cedar

    Saw this sticking out of the cedar tree a while back while detecting below the barn. Looks like the cedar will have possession of this arrow for many more moons.
  16. Pretty flower

    Always like these ones .
  17. ✅ SOLVED Need an ID on knife

    Just posting this knife up for a friend. He dragged it out of a drawer in the shop and asked me if I had ever seen one before? In one position it measures out to be 8" Flip the secure ring towards the blade, press it down, and the blade can be folded out to be 12" The handle/grip seems to be...
  18. Forked tongue

    Just having a little air taste to see if I am friendly.