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  1. Missing Persons

  2. Cat in a box

  3. Cat on a car.

    Well... I know where the paw prints came from! Her son (Tigger) also is guilty....
  4. Brookings Oregon

  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Copper bowl/trinket

    I have done a few hours of research to no avail.
  6. Anyone n to trains? HO, "N" "O"

    Acquired a few trains and parts ,any fans/experts or hobbyists I have questions!:occasion14:
  7. Birth of a candy bar

  8. The Pretty Reckless

  9. Brantley Gilbert

  10. Brad Paisley

  11. The Offspring

  12. You're going to need a bigger boat

    I mean an actual boat!! Oregon coast.
  13. Chetco river bar

  14. The Yaquina

    Just off our coast. USAV Yaquina is a hopper dredge of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Her primary mission is to maintain the entrance bars, rivers, and harbors along the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington. She is assigned to the Portland District of the Army Corps of...
  15. White's Prizm IV

    I recently scored a White's Prizm IV for 39.99. Speaker did not work but it functioned with headphones. I purchased a new speaker, replaced it... works! Later in the week I started looking for used coils, I was told good luck! I found a detech ultimate 13" 49 bucks! Used for half an hour...
  16. George Thorogood

  17. Joan Jett

  18. Kix