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  1. Dog tax tag, IHPs, Crotal Bells, FE loaded new turn of century site

    Outstanding relic recoveries, a amazing mix of finds.
  2. Got out a while today.

    Great finds! love the bullets.
  3. William penny??

    I have to say that is amazing for a hour and a half hunt !! great finds.
  4. Nice Conestoga Bell, Civil War Relics, Petrified Wood, and a Strange Copper

    Great finds ,and I am sorry for your loss , I see we all have that same sorrow , Time will heal and we all become a little stronger. My Condolences to you and your family ,God Bless.
  5. Sunday afternoon: She's wearing a silver cap!

    Great find , I have found 3) Half dimes but have not yet found 10 C. dime
  6. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!

    Have to say those are amazing Cuffs!! Great relic finds.
  7. Got a Nice Hunt in today!

    All are very nice finds! Silver is always a plus!
  8. Sitting Pretty

    Seated are always amazing finds, nice seated dime!
  9. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Very nice and rare find in that type of condition!! WELL DONE!
  10. Almost a complete bucket list find, 1851-53, 3 cent, Pocket watch winder, buttons & more

    I really was not expecting this , but I will take my first early three cent'er how ever it comes!! A few musket balls , broken horse shoe, The door knob is nice, Watch winder is a first for me. and a brass round ring and other small pieces found. Not to bad for the day.
  11. 100+ YO Silver, Glass, and Stoneware All From the Same Hole!

    The stoneware is amazing , great saves.
  12. Colonial shoe buckle and 1869 Indian!

    Great history saves , love the IHP there should be some silver there somewhere!!
  13. The Fort Lot/Todayโ€™s Recoveries

    Love the button , AWESOME FINDS>
  14. Rev War no more but it's old and gold

    WOW! Love the ring, Great find! and I have wondered if I was going to run out of finds at sites that I hunt? Well it has been 30 years and I may have to walk a little more , change my directions and coils but it still always give me a surprise every year after year.
  15. V.R.S.N.S.M.V RING

    Great find!
  16. FINALLY back in the field's and again I got sat down! 1891 -O Dime , 1866 2 cents 1903 V Plus more!

    It has been to long!! haven't been able to metal detect or for that fact ! do anything . I have been that busy working on permanent retiring!! Back to the same old farm that has give me so much to be thankful for and it just never seams to stop amazing me . So I picked another area ,on the...
  17. Silver & 150 Year Old Bottles. Awesome Surf and Turf Hunts This Week.

    AWE!!!! your killing me on the bottles !! I go out every other day and dig and I might get (1) good one.
  18. 1812 camp find.

    Love the WAR OF 1812 finds, I myself have found Infantry buttons, would love to find some different one's like yours , amazing find, thanks for sharing!!