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  1. My first Tesoro showed up today.

    The postman delivered my uMax Golden toady. :) I bought this used. Looks brand new , never used. Not a scratch on the coil cover. I know there are two different tone models out there. I'm still trying to figure out which one this is. I see no serial number on the unit. From what I...
  2. Schematic for Tesoro Golden uMax

    Anyone have a schematic of the Tesoro Golden uMax? Thank you
  3. Tesoro Speaker opening styles.

    Hi guys, Fairly new to the forum. Been metal detecting for about 15 years. AT Gold and AT MAX. I'm curious about the speaker openings on the Tesoro machines. If you look at the Golden uMax you see some with a louvered speaker opening and some with a rounded raised area with a grid of...